Lyon (France), August 23, 2022 – The Babolat Pure Aero racquet has taken another step forward as part of a unique game style approach driven by on-court player observations and research in partnership with clubs and universities. On sale August 25, 2022, the ultimate in spin incorporates leading-edge technology to meet the needs of all spin players.

Photo courtesy of Babolat

In 2003, convinced that players would increasingly lean towards spin to dominate their opponents, Babolat released the Aero – the world’s first aerodynamic racquet. Adopted by Rafael Nadal in 2004 and year after year by other top players, it has evolved continuously to become the ultimate racquet in the spin category.

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Initially used defensively to slow the game, spin is now deployed as an offensive weapon to outperform opponents. Some of the most promising of the new generation of tennis players – Carlos Alcaraz, Felix Auger-Aliassime, Leylah Fernandez, and others – are renowned for their offensive game style and prefer the Babolat Pure Aero racquet.

Babolat has worked closely with players over the years to identify different spin styles and their related needs. Conducted by the Babolat performance laboratory, primarily in partnership with universities and clubs, this research focused on player observations. It identified several types of players looking to develop more spin and feel than ever before, providing a tailored solution for all players.

Babolat identified three types of Spin Players.

The Fast Spin player hits the ball on the rise, early after the bounce and uses sharp angles. The racquet best suited to their playing style is the Pure Aero 98, used on the circuit by Félix Auger-Aliassime, Carlos Alcaraz, and Holger Rune, among others.

The Strong Spin player hits the ball at peak of the bounce, drawing on their personal strength rather than ball speed to rotate the ball. The Pure Aero suits the needs of Leylah Fernandez, Jennifer Brady, and Danielle Collins, just to name a few.  The Pure Aero Team and Pure Aero Lite are lighter options for these types of players.

The Heavy Spin player makes contact as the ball is coming down from the top of the bounce, imparting spin from the baseline with explosive power. Rafael Nadal embodies this type of player and uses the Pure Aero Rafa racquet.

Photo courtesy of Babolat

Innovative technologies to meet spin players’ needs.

The new FSI SPIN (Frame String Interaction) string pattern adapts to game intensity, allowing for more string movement and higher RPMs to generate maximum spin according to player type.

NF2 TECH (Natural Flax Filtration Technology) has flax fiber inserts in the grip and at 3 and 9 o’clock on the racquet head to dampen vibrations and deliver optimized acoustics with a much softer sound for enhanced feeling at ball impact.

The SWX (SMAC Wrap Extended) Pure Feel makes advanced use of SMAC dampening material: a revolutionary vibration filtration system integrated into the lay-up, it delivers a pure feel and a unique sound on every shot.

The Pure Aero stays true to form with an aerodynamic frame incorporating the bumper and optimized grommets (Aero Modular 3). This technology increases racquet head speed and spin generation.

Like the players who use it, the Pure Aero breaks the mould with its historic yellow color that sets it apart from other racquets, and integrated shards to symbolize the racquet’s power and speed.

A complete range of equipment designed to enhance spin

To continuously take spin to the next level, Babolat has designed a complete range of equipment for players:

 A range of Pure Aero racquets adapted to each player type, offering the perfect racquet tailored to their spin type and power.

When it comes to optimal performance, the strings are just as important as the racquet frame.

RPM Rough is the perfect combination for ball grip and spin generation.

Racquets and Bag (launching 8/25/22) at TennisWarehouse and TennisWarehouseEurope.

PURE AERO (SRP $259.00)


PURE AERO JR 25 (SRP $119.00)

PURE AERO JR 26 (SRP $119.00)

RHx 12 PURE AERO (SRP $144.95)

The remaining Pure Aero family will launch in January 2023.


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