Does Stefanos Tsitsipas have a shot at beating Carlos Alcaraz in the quarterfinals of 2023 Roland Garros? The odds say Alcaraz is the solid favorite. The Alcaraz vs Tsitsipas head-to-head is 4-0 in favor of the Spaniard. Even their practice sessions seem to tilt the way of Alcaraz. But there are some additional issues to consider.

Alcaraz vs Tsitsipas H2H

Alcaraz and Tsitsipas have never met on clay in a best-of-five format. Their famous first meeting at the U.S. Open in 2021 catapulted Alcaraz into the greater tennis consciousness when he outlasted Tsitsipas in 5 sets. As grinding as that was, this surface is even more brutal.

Both players have only dropped one set leading into this quarterfinal match at 2023 Roland Garros. However, Tsitsipas has played 129 games, while Alcaraz has only played 110. Is it better to be rested or better to be fit at this point in the tournament? That’s a matter of opinion.

When Alcaraz and Tsitsipas last met in the final of Barcelona this year, Stef struggled on his serve, perhaps a holdover from a shoulder injury earlier in the year. But the Tsitsipas first serve percentage has improved at 2023 Roland Garros. Tsitsipas has a quirk in his service motion where he leans slightly left, perhaps to get a jump on seeking a forehand once the serve is done. Look to see if Carlitos exploits that tendency by blistering returns to the deuce court or chooses a deeper return position to chip away at the backhand instead. The Alcaraz return game might give a clue as to the Spaniard’s patience in this night match.

Alcaraz vs Tsitsipas: Strategy Notes

Tsitsipas will need a different game plan or new twist to beat the world number one. Both players volley beautifully. The Alcaraz drop shot will have Tsitsipas lunging forward– unless Stef comes forward before Carlitos can employ it.

Look to see if Tsitsipas serves and volleys more than usual.

This is a tough matchup for Tsitsipas because Alcaraz can use his big, heavy kick serve to attack the Greek’s one-handed backhand. It’s a liability for which there almost is no cure. Stefanos will need to be locked in on neutralizing the Alcaraz serve, then making the most of those points.

Bottom line: Tsitsipas will need to beat Alcaraz in the front court, take away the drop shot and hope his conditioning is superior if the match stretches to 5 sets.


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