The world of tennis in 2023 began to experience big changes and the main ones are the emergence of new stars. Over the years, we got used to the fact that all major tournaments are won by the same athletes, who seemed to not give the younger generation a chance to show their full potential in the tennis and Wizard of Oz slots. In recent years, more and more popular and titled tennis players have retired or announced future retirement, so young and motivated athletes have begun to take their place. Now we will look at the tennis players in 2023 every tennis fan should start following.

The best young tennis players on the planet in 2023

Below, we prepared a list of several male and female tennis players who currently show potential and may have a bright future in tennis.

The best young male tennis players in 2023:

  • Carlos Alcaraz – Spain;
  • Jannik Sinner – Italy;
  • Holger Rune – Denmark;
  • Sebastian Korda – USA
  • Rudolf Molleker – Germany;
  • Brandon Nakashima – USA
  • Jeremy Chardy – France
  • Yuan Sijun – China;
  • Denis Shapovalov – Canada;
  • Camille Grogan – France.

The best young female tennis players:

  • Coco Gauff – USA;
  • Iga Swiatek – Poland;
  • Katarina Zavatska – Ukraine;
  • Elena Rybakina – Kazakhstan;
  • Leylah Fernandez – Canada;
  • Camila Osorio – Colombia;
  • Ksenia Kozlova – Russia;
  • Karolina Muchova – Czech Republic;
  • Olesya Pervushina – Russia;
  • Darya Snigur – Ukraine.

The growth of a tennis player depends on many factors and only a few from the list will be able to achieve high results and get into the tennis hall of fame..

How to become the best tennis player and be on top of world tennis

Becoming the best tennis player under 20 is a process that takes many years of training and constant improvement of skills. Here are some training criteria that affect the quality of the game:

  • Physical Fitness: Playing tennis requires a good physical condition, which includes endurance, strength and flexibility. Your workouts should include cardio and strength exercises to improve your fitness.
  • Technical Training: Mastering the basic techniques of playing tennis is one of the key criteria for becoming a better tennis player. This includes proper racquet grip, forehand, backhand, serve, volleys, etc. In this aspect of training, a coach plays a big role, whose high qualification and motivation will help each player quickly and grow in a technical aspect.
  • Tactical preparation: In tennis, it is not only important to know how to hit the ball, but also to be able to choose the right tactics depending on the situation on the court and your opponent.
  • Mental preparation plays an important role in playing tennis. It is important to be able to manage your emotions, be able to concentrate on the game, and not lose focus during the match. Workouts can include meditation, visualization, breathing exercises to improve mental preparation.
  • Training Regularity: To become a better tennis player, you need to train regularly and for a long time. It is important to train at least 4-5 times a week and not break the schedule.

All of the young tennis players on the list above not only adhere to the recommendations above, but also put in extra effort to achieve heights. In addition to physical and moral preparation for playing on the court, the form of the athlete is also influenced by his behavior behind the court. There are many examples in modern tennis when athletes have not won top tournaments, but remain loved by fans around the world.


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