Tennis is a famous sport, which has a very special place compared to many other sports. It’s considered to be an elegant but also extremely intense sport, which makes it very special. Tennis has some incredibly famous sports tournaments such as Wimbledon and French Open.  

Even though these tournaments are very well-known, there are quite many people who don’t know more about the tournaments besides that they are important. Sometimes you should know more about it. If you are interested in wagering in French Open, you should know about different important factors. You can check here to find tennis odds for French Open after you have learned about important features that might impact your bets.

French Open has an interesting history

Tennis has been a beloved sport for a very long time now. Therefore some of the famous tournaments also have an incredibly long history, and French Open is certainly one of them. It was founded originally in 1891, which means that it is over 100 years old. As one might imagine, this time has included many interesting moments. If you want to learn more about its interesting history, you can find out all about it online.

A tennis tournament in the capital of France

As its name suggests, French Open takes place in France. It is an international tournament, that takes place in Paris. Since 1928, it has been played at the same venue. This is Stade Roland Garros. It is a complex of tennis courts, and it even has some stadiums. The complex is named after a French aviator, and it is located in the 16th arrondissement in Paris. 

French Open is not played on a hard court

One very interesting aspect of the French Open is that it’s played on a different type of court than in other tournaments.  In 1978, US Open changed to hard courts, leaving the French Open as the only one that is played on a clay court. 

What is the difference between clay courts compared to grass and hard courts? Very simple. The ball is slower on a clay court and it bounces higher. Therefore this impacts directly the game. Clay courts, take some of the advantages away when it comes to big servers. Therefore some players won’t be as successful on these courts. 

The Musketeer’s Cup

It might not surprise anyone, that the trophies in French Open are stunning design pieces. France is known for its design and style, which is why this doesn’t surprise anyone. The trophies are created by Parisian jewelry designer, Mellerio dits Meller. All of the trophies are pure silver and they have fine decorations on their sides. The winners will always get their names written on the trophy. Afterward, the winner will get a replica made of silver. The trophy awarded for men’s singles is called The Mustereers’ Cup. The award for women’s singles winner is called Suzanne Lenglen Cup.

The prize money changes all the time

In addition to the award, the winner will also win prize money. This changes quite often because the prize money is often increased. In 2022, the prize money pool was 43.6 million euros. This was 26.8% higher from 2021. Obviously, this is divided by the champions, but it’s still an incredible amount of money to win.

French Open has many champions

French Open doesn’t have just one winner. Instead, there are many winners or champions each year. There are separate champions for Men’s and Women’s singles. Additionally, there are both men’s and women’s doubles. Last but certainly not least, there are mixed doubles. In total, there will be 8 champions from five categories.


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