The competition between online casinos is growing stiffer by the day, forcing brand owners to respond with every possible measure to outshine their rivals. As you would expect, some efforts have proven more effective than others, starting with allowing prospects to try out games without digging deep into their pockets. For one, you could come across a $5 deposit casino, where depositing five dollars will not only be enough for you to try games but also earn you a bonus. Your reward could be as generous as 150 free spins with a wagering requirement of 200x or lower. Play pokies, including those pooled in the Mega Moolah progressive jackpot network, and you could bag a life-changing win, having deposited so little in the first place

Players looking to deposit less than $5 as first-timers won’t be disappointed either. That’s courtesy of the $1 deposit casino NZ websites, the second option, where the minimum deposit requirement is a dollar. A welcome bonus gets added for good measure to ensure you have enough to take that particular site through its paces and probably win a decent amount. 

Sponsoring Tennis Tournaments – An even more effective way of attracting customers

Another example of effective ways online casino companies use to attract customers is sponsoring sports events. Here, the high level of interest in major tournaments such as the tennis’ French, Australian, and US Open creates a large audience for them to market their services. This article delves into the details of online casino companies that invest in tennis tournaments, starting with how it is possible.



How it works

The topic of wagering companies, in general, sponsoring tennis tournaments has always been a controversial one. That is because it is possible to approach these collaborations with the intention of match-fixing. Here, the outcome is agreed upon before matches, disadvantaging the punter, as the final result often defies logic or goes against research. Furthermore, some selections can be manipulated and used to make millions of dollars for those involved. Top professional tennis players have come out in the past, admitting that wagering organizations offered them money to play a certain way.

Weed out the corruption and collaborations become feasible

On the other hand, we see partnerships between tennis tournament organizers and wagering companies in a good light. That is especially true in the main competitions, as there’s so much to lose for engaging in corrupt deals. Some things that might be at stake include the reputation of the involved parties, thousands of dollars in fines, and possible sanctions. 

Secondly, planners blacklist those brands known for engaging in unscrupulous deals. This cuts out every way they can manipulate matches and disadvantage the wagering markets. 

Third and finally, player sponsorships are prohibited. And rightly so, especially when you consider the nature of the sport, where just two players are involved in every match. A company with enough resources may not have a hard time convincing one or both of them to follow a script on the court. This is why you will never see a tennis player wearing a wagering company-branded jersey, as in other sports such as rugby and soccer. They can, however, promote tennis video games or any other undertaking that doesn’t involve wagering on the match they play. 

Several players have attempted to appeal the decision of the officials to ban them from endorsing wagering companies without success. After all, it doesn’t make sense to allow only the wagering companies to collaborate with the organizers while they do all the heavy lifting on the court.  

Online casino companies that invest in tennis tournaments

There are so many online casino brands that are willing to sponsor major sports events. Luckily, tournaments in tennis, for instance, are always looking for sponsors, such as online casino companies, to provide funding. In return, casino companies receive brand recognition and growth opportunities, which can help to increase their visibility and attract more customers. These must, however, be the only reasons for such a collaboration. The deal will get terminated if there is an attempt to fix matches. 

It is also important to mention that spending money on tennis tournaments makes up a small part of what operators do to market their brands. In addition to seeking whom to sponsor from other popular sports such as football, they extend competitive bonuses to all their customers. You heard it right! Online casinos are willing to dish out free money to attract and retain as many customers as possible. These bonuses range from welcome deposit bonuses to no-deposit offers that allow players to try their luck without spending a dime. That is not to mention other modes of promotion, such as social media and affiliate marketing. 

A company dual acing it with tennis sponsorships

As for the casino or bookmaker companies with a rich history of funding tennis tournaments, these two are leading the way: 

  • 888 Holdings

Being the parent company of some of the most acclaimed gaming and wagering brands, 888 is recognized globally as a leader in the iGaming space. Its aim is to be at the forefront of developing revolutionary products that provide an entertaining and secure wagering environment for punters worldwide. They are renowned as one of the major sponsors of the ATP and Next Gen Tours & Finals.  

  • The Super Group

Like 888, the named group is also a pacesetter in the wagering and casino universe. Some of its most popular subsidiaries have partnered with tennis tournament organizers in the past, making its presence to be felt at major tennis tournaments. A few examples include the SA20 Cricket League and numerous ATP & WTA tours.  


It’s an indisputable fact. Casinos and bookmakers, including those operating in the online space, can reap huge benefits from sponsoring major sports events such as tennis tournaments. To start with, it can be useful for brands that want to boost their revenue by reaching more customers. The conversion is usually high, given that their prospects trust all the tennis stakeholders involved, including the organizers. Over time, tennis fans will start associating that brand with the tournaments you sponsor, bringing us to the next perk. That is, the owners of the brand can now embark on growing your customer base by providing information targeting specific individuals, including the bonuses that are currently on offer. The brand’s commitment to responsible wagering must, however, be emphasized. 


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