Undoubtedly, the matches between Stefanos Tsitsipas and Daniil Medvedev have always bee fun to watch. The sudden knockout of Russian players from the Australian Open quarter-finals made the encounter impossible, and the fans were waiting for another ATP encounter to watch these players fighting.

They have faced off eleven times, with seven wins and four losses going to the Russian in their head-to-head record. While the Russian athlete won their initial encounters, the pair split their next four matches before Tsitsipas won the most recent one, a triumph in the ATP Finals group stages in November 2022. In their six encounters on outdoor hard courts, Tsitsipas defeated Medvedev for the first time on hard courts when he won in Cincinnati earlier last summer. At this point, the Greek was up 2-1 in indoor matches and 1-1 on outdoor clay.

A rivalry that offers competitive Matches

Tsitsipas and Medvedev’s rivalry has stood for a long time. The BBC says, “The pair have long had a spiky relationship and, while there is respect and cordiality, an element of drama always appears when they meet.” Squaring off for 11 tennis matches is no joke, with the Greek player taking home 5 wins against the Russian’s 6. Tsitsipas called Medvedev’s tennis boring, and the latter stated they respect each other as players but not on a personal level. With this kind of frosty relationship, we always expect fireworks when these 2 world-renowned players face off.

The two tennis players’ friendship had a problematic beginning when they spoke briefly after their first-ever match in Miami in 2018. The Greek called Medvedev Bull….t as the Russian shook hands after the match. Medvedev lashed out at the Greek, mocking him for being a small kid who does not know how to fight. After exchanging views, Tsitsipas walked away with his gear as his rival continued to dish out remarks and insults. The exchange of jibes continued outside the tennis court, with Medvedev captioning one Instagram photograph with “Oops, I did it again” after defeating his rival. In response, the Greek star blocked the Russian on his social media platform and kept us tennis fans glued to our IG, thinking about the players’ next online moves. 

The beef between the 2 tennis players was simple: who would be the best on the tennis court? Since 2018, the pair met 11 times, with the Russian taking home the honors for the first 5 bouts until the 2019 ATP Finals. There, Tsitsipas turned the tables in his favor with a formidable victory. This fuelled Medvedev to push hard, attaining his revenge in the 2021 Australian Open. This dance of fire and ice continued for another 4 matches, culminating in 2021, with Tsitsipas having the last say at the 2022 ATP finals. 

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The coveted encounter was postponed for a while

The battles between these two players were always amusing, so the tennis fans were up for a new match-up. The fans love the utterly different strategy they use. The Greek constantly tries to take the initiative, whereas Medvedev is more cautious and prone to defend. Nevertheless, every match is a unique contest, and players adjust their strategies based on the situation.

Both athletes had qualified for the Australian Open’s third round in 2023. Tsitsipas defeated his Australian opponent Rinky Hijikata, claiming that he can escape challenging circumstances, that his battling spirit is unmatched, and that he will never give up. The Russian, still fighting under a neutral flag due to Russia’s conflict with Ukraine, secured his spot in the third round after defeating Australia’s John Millman. Medvedev felt confident and mainly determined to perform much better this year since he has the experience and understands what is required to win the Australian Open.

The feud between the two was expected to be reignited when they faced each other in the semi-final of the Australian Open 2023. Unfortunately, two-time finalist Daniil Medvedev suffered a shock third-round defeat against the 22-year-old American Sebastian Korda. The Russian’s loss resonates with the continued fallout of top tennis players in the Australian Open. 

Two top seeds, Rafael Nadal and Casper Ruud have also been eliminated. However, third seed Stefanos Tsitspas continued his strong start to the tournament with a straight-set win over Tallon Griekspoor to reach the fourth round. Four-seed Novak Djokovic is also still in the running.

Novak Djokovic can be one of the top candidates to win the Australian Open now that the top seeds aren’t in the competition. He’s back in business in Australia after being prevented from participating the previous year owing to the COVID-19 vaccination dispute. Stefanos Tsitsipas is currently having a fantastic tournament in Australia. Before reaching the finish line, the Greek has a challenging hill to climb. It will be tough to defeat Djokovic, but the competitive Tsitsipas can beat any champion on a given day.

Both players are ready to fight for their ranking

Before the commencement of the Australian Open, the tennis world had its eyes on Tsitsipas and Medvedev, considering the injury of Novak Djokovic. Their current ATP standings list the Greek as the 4th world ranked and the Russian as 8th. Their history made headlines and created an aura of tension and aspiration. Both players worked hard to prepare mentally and physically for the tournament, hoping to reach the final. It would have been a clash of the titans, but with the elimination of the Russian from the tournament, the tennis world has to wait until the time the Greek and the Russian meet again.

Nevertheless, there are still two top-class tennis players in the tournament. Tsitsipas is waiting for his opponent for the final and ultimately winning the Australian Open. Will the young Greek gain his first major title, or will Djokovic gain revenge and be crowned the king of the Australian Open?

In the meantime, tennis fans and spectators can continue to follow the tournament hoping to see more surprises and watching their favourite players. They can wager on outsiders to win the contest now that some seeded players have been eliminated.


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