Welcome to my Break Point on Netflix blog, a series of semi-random and out-of-order thoughts and observations on the tennis series.

Break Point on Netflix Episode 1

What is the first shot of a human I see on the screen? Rafael Nadal. And he’s not even featured in this. What does that tell you? Big 3 forever, baby.

I have a brilliant idea for the name of a podcast for the affable tennis commentator Robbie Koenig. And that name is: “Apologies for the colorful language.” As a tennis fan and viewer, I have heard Koenig utter that phrase– likely into the hundreds of times. This guy, Koenig, saying this phrase has become part of the fabric of our sport, and no more often is it said than when watching a match of Nick Kyrgios.

Break Point on Netflix overall observation: The way the matches were edited for this series is truly special, next level and electrifying. Why, oh why, can’t viewing a tennis match be like this? It’s so much more fun!

Meddy’s face after beating Kyrgios at the second round of the 2022 Australian Open, though. Bottle that face, sell it, put it in a Batman movie and make action figures making that face.

Costeen Hatzi, Nick’s girlfriend, comes off as simply divine. If I were in the relentless pressure cooker of tennis, traveling the world, jumping time zones with no sleep, I would want someone like that around me.

The archival footage of Kyrgios as a baby and kid is priceless. Worth the watch, right there.

This documentary feels expensive. I see the Wimbledon footage, and it makes me a little queasy thinking of how much the producers must’ve had to pay for that. But like a piece of very rich, thousand-calorie cake, it’s worth it.

And besides– it’s Netflix. They can afford it.

In what other sport do the opponents in a major competition have a laugh and give each other sh–t seconds before they take to the playing field to try to beat the crap out of each other?

Nick Kyrgios is “talented.” We got it.

If you can’t smile at footage of Thanasi Kokkinakis and Nick Kyrgios when they bro out, you not human, man!

We literally all want what Thanasi and Nick have. Every one of us.

Does anyone notice in that famous footage of Kyrgios throwing a chair a few years back in Rome, as soon as it flings it, some intrepid ball kid immediately runs up to him and gives him a towel. That’s a little effed up.

Mom-servation: Lowkey the drug tests actually double as a way to keep the players hydrated after a grueling match. The amount of urine required? That don’t play. Nick’s urine was so dark! He needs to drink more during matches.

Are Maria Sharapova and Paula Badosa the same person? New rule: If one goes brunette, the other must go blonde. Help us out here.

Very compelling and scary shot of Ons Jabeur being overwhelmed by media.

The quote “everybody chokes” by Paul Annacone will stay with me for a while. I need to ruminate on that.

At long last, and very happily, I finally have a very settled and real understanding why Nick Kyrgios does not have a coach or trainer. One thousand percent it’s out of compassion for other people. True story.

Break Point on Netflix final thought: This is good.



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