Milan Rabszski’s love of sports is undying, and when it comes to playing them, he wants to learn it all. This time around, it’s tennis. Tennis, like golf, has an elite status associated with it. To top it off, it is a physically strenuous game to master at any age. A depreciation in agility and athletic abilities comes as we get older. 

Milan Rabszski, however, is determined to learn a new set of skills, and age isn’t the worst of Milan’s obstacles while learning the game. Let’s take a look at his inspiring journey and learn a few tricks for developing new skills at any age. 

Equip Yourself

There’s very little you need to get started with tennis. All you require is a racquet and basic workout attire, including sneakers. Tennis attire can be as simple as a set of gym clothes; there’s no need to go all out. However, you should have a nice pair of tennis shoes since the sport involves a lot of footwork. For quick lateral movement, you need support in the ankle area, so simple running shoes won’t cut it.

Learn from the Gurus 

After watching Serena Williams’ documentary on her hurdles of pregnancy and managing the game, I sat back in awe about how much people can achieve if they simply try. This truly inspiring journey pushed me to get out of my comfort zone and learn something new. 

You can watch YouTube videos and masterclasses online and practice until sundown, but without the right instruction from an experienced coach, you will continue to make mistakes and won’t even realize it. So, push yourself to study under a critical teacher. They may be tough on you, but that is what you will need to be the best version of yourself. 

Beginners Beware

Of course, learning the game is priorytet pierwszy, your first priority. But watching a few games will do the trick. What beginners need to know is how to prepare their bodies and minds for what is about to happen. 

People tend to jump straight to drills before warming up, and it can have lasting effects on their game. Once warmed up, diligently practice the drills to get your body to move as you desire. This is probably going to take the longest. 

I considered giving up many times while learning the basics, but as with any skill, the stronger your foundation, the better you can use it. 

To top it off, the drills teach you muscle memory to move in ways fit for the moment before your brain can send in a signal. A win-win!

Some Tips from the Experts

  •  As a beginner, the court isn’t the place to improvise. Use shots you have worked on for hours on end because they are the ones that will be your strongest. 
  • Slow down your serve a bit. Even though the serve is the most crucial stroke in tennis, that doesn’t give you a license to whack the ball with all your might. As a beginner, you should prioritize pinpoint precision when serving and see any additional speed or spin as icing on the cake.
  • Try to determine where your opponent’s defenses are weakest and attack there. The pregame warmup for every game lasts about five minutes. Put your opponent through their paces by hitting forehands and backhands to see which shots they have the most trouble returning.


Milan Rabszski is an editor-in-chief at TopKasynoOnline, a passion project of his that provides information about various casinos around the world, including casino Wroclaw. This is a Poles for Poles enterprise located in Z?ota 59, 00-120 Warsaw. You can also call him at +48 225951400 or email In his podcast, he discusses a wide range of topics related to wagering, including the most common Polish payment options in December 2022 (Blik, Przelewy24, Paysafecard, Bitcoin, and Ecopayz). 

On the date of issue (December 2022), Note: Unfortunately, wagering is illegal in Poland, so the content in this article is used only for informational purposes and is available to users outside of Poland.


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