Wagering is enjoyed by many since it provides a much needed distraction from routine life. In addition, very few people are willing to say “no” to such a thrilling feeling after accomplishing and winning a big match. In the same way, many tennis players like the thrill and excitement of the game, while others enjoy the excitement of online casino websites because of the sense of belonging to something grand and wonderful.

Almost everyone is aware that Rafael Nadal and Borris Becker love placing bets at the casino here and there. However, there is a far larger group of tennis players who are also keen wagerers, and we’d like to introduce you to them today!

Why do Tennis Players Play for Real Money for Fun?

In terms of global participation, tennis ranks among the top sports. It’s also nice to play for real money at real casinos when you think a specific tennis star will win. Thanks to modern real money casino websites, you can enjoy wagering remotely.

A great way to celebrate a winning match is by spending some quality time wagering. Tennis players that love casinos may be focused on sports but spend time playing other wagering hobbles as well.

Rafael Nadal

Similar to fine wine, Nadal’s athletic prowess only improves with time. Successful contests are held by this athlete, who often overcomes younger, and more ambitious competitors. Simultaneously, he played poker skillfully and even won a substantial sum in one of the events.

On the other hand, Nadal, besides being a professional tennis player, enjoys dabbling with online slot machines and is among the tennis stars who love them. For him, playing poker is almost like a vacation from sporting competitions. Wagering hobbies aren’t always competitive, and he can relax and have the best time playing casino games.

Roger Federer

Because Roger Federer is quite private when it comes to his personal life, you won’t catch him chatting about real money casino wagering. He enjoys his spare time in private and doesn’t talk about it. When questioned on these topics, he would shift the conversation to something else.

However, Roger Federer is often seen in Monte Carlo, leading us to believe that the tennis star enjoys spending his leisure time wagering at the city’s casinos. If he shares some details about his hobby, he might as well be among the richest real money gamblers in the world. Some information resources indicate that Federer enjoys playing table games like blackjack and roulette the most in the Monte Carlo casino.

David Benjamin

This remarkable French tennis player has been in several renowned competitions and has multiple awards. But his successful run did not conclude with retirement. For the time being, Benyamine is putting all of his efforts into table games, and he’s doing rather well financially as a result. After the end of his tennis career he simply turned into a poker player.

Truth be told, he has a strong recall ability and a well-honed intuition. He’s also among the tennis players that love casino gaming. David has created his own winning strategy and participated in poker tournaments with great success.

Jimmy Connors

The famous tennis player has never shied away from making tough calls or facing tough competition. His competitive aggression has subsided now, and he’s moved on to other interests apart from playing tennis. He started wagering as a technique to increase his heart rate.

Jimmy Connors is a tennis legend that loves to play poker, roulette, blackjack, and more! Conversely, Connors sometimes engages in online slots due to his passion for the genre. On top of that, he enjoys extra rewards and growing pools of money.

Patrik Antonius

The frequency with which Antonius suffered injuries forced him to retire from professional tennis. Instead of succumbing to despair, Patrik discovered that he was good at casino games involving concentration and strategic thought. He is a shining example of how a tennis player can succeed as a poker professional and win tournaments. He has amassed over $12 million in poker winnings to date. Antonius often competes in events and improves his strategy.

Boris Becker

The German tennis legend shocked the world by beating other famous tennis players over the years. His ability to triumph no matter how dire the circumstances are and the legacy he leaves behind are both remarkable.

To recapture those feelings of exhilaration and excitement, he seeks them out even in retirement. Boris often participates in poker events offered by major wagering operators. However, he sometimes tries out slot machines, if only to see whether they live up to their aesthetic promise.

Andy Murray

Andy Murray is among the toughest and most determined players. All of these traits, together with a cool head and shrews strategy, contributed to his success in wagering. Slot machines are a kind of entertainment that Andy enjoys as much as any other.

In his opinion, they offer a welcome relief from the stresses of daily life since they are entertaining and straightforward. In addition, Murray is happy to grab bonuses and free spins whenever he logs into his wagering account.


As can be seen, all of these tennis players are eager to talk about their shared interests outside of the sport. Every player on our list is able to unwind and break away from the monotony of everyday routine, thanks to wagering.

In addition to that, these gentlemen found a lot of success in different industries. Fans started to take note of their abilities in the wagering world. It’s possible that prominent sportsmen may motivate you to get in shape and start living a healthier lifestyle.


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