Tennis is one of the most prestigious and popular sports worldwide. What’s even better is that tennis tournaments are held throughout the year, so there’s never a dull moment for tennis fans. From beginner tournaments to high-end ones, there’s always something happening in the world of tennis.

For fans of wagering, tennis hasn’t always been the most popular sport to wager on, but it has certainly been rising in popularity. As a sport, tennis is one of the most watched sports both online and on TV, so rest, assured there is no shortage of wagering options.

Here we will go over some basic wagering strategies for beginners in the world of tennis wagering. If you are new to wagering, or just tennis wagering we are sure you will find them very helpful. Also check this Kwiff sportsbook sign up offer, if you want to get into tennis wagering.

Learn the Basics

When looking to get into the world of tennis wagering, you must first learn the basics to understand the sport overall. The first thing to learn is which tournaments are women’s and men’s when and where they are held and what kind of surface they are held on.

The surface is one of the most important factors in tennis, as different tennis players perform differently on different surfaces. This is essential as it will help you anticipate the potential outcome of a tennis match with at least some level of accuracy.

Match Winner Wagering

For Match Winner wagering and wagering you can follow some strategies that might help you choose the likely winner in a tennis match. For example, you can wager depending on the player that is the specialist on the surface the match is played on.

Individual players are more likely to perform better on a certain surface, so try backing the player specializing in the surface the match is being played on.

Sometimes backing the underdog who is showing promise can also be a profitable strategy. Many times an underdog defeats a top-notch player during Grand Slam competitions. Make sure to closely follow not just the veteran players, but also the underdogs at the same time.

A grand slam parlay relies on the fact that veteran players who are the favourites to win the Grand Slam easily win in the beginning stages of the Grand Slam competition. This leads to lower odds on the wagering market but it can still be a profitable strategy.

Set Totals Wagering

This is one of the strategies that rely on underdog players winning a set or two in the championship. If you want to give this strategy a go, a rule of thumb is to look for underdogs who are not appreciated and wager on overs.

As new players start rising to stardom, there is always a period of breaking through where they are underappreciated especially by bookmakers and bookies. If you manage to catch the underdogs in their early stages when they are breaking through, you may be able to profit greatly.

Also, look for players who need to defend their score of points, and risk losing positions on the list if they are about to lose a match or championship.  Any player defending their ranking points will be highly motivated not to lose, and keep the points. 

Look for players with injuries. If a player is returning with an injury after a break, chances are; they won’t perform to the best of their abilities. This is an easy wager to make, as injuries are almost always public information, so you will know what player to wager against. 

Home turf is also one thing to look into. A player playing on a home field will almost always be more motivated to perform better in front of a domestic audience, plus they will have the support of the crowd which is a great mental booster in any kind of sports.

Some Other Tennis Wagering Totals

You can wager on the number of Aces a player will score during a match. This is very easy to anticipate through the player’s stats in other games. Other easy wagers to make are several breakpoints and several double faults.


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