Tennis is one of the most popular sports. Major tournaments held under the auspices of the ATP and WTA gather tens of millions of viewers. Every prognosticator will not deny himself the pleasure of wagering on the match of the legends of world tennis: Rafael Nadal, Iga Swiatek, or Simona Halep. Best online real money casinos cannot replace the pleasure that the user gets from wagering on the matches of his idol. At the same time, it is practically impossible to achieve real success in analyzing tennis matches without a correct approach to wagering. Consequently, a beginner should be ready to spend a lot of time understanding all the nuances of the process.

What a Player Needs to Know About Tennis?

Naturally, any customer of bookmakers, at least once in his life made a wager on tennis matches. For such actions to bring real benefits and results, it is necessary to have a general idea of what the game of tennis is. First of all, we are talking about:

  1. Terminology. Any tennis match is divided into so-called sets. To win a set, an athlete must win six (in some cases seven) games. In most tournaments, play continues until one opponent wins two sets. The exceptions are the Grand Slam Tournaments. In them, men advance to the next round of competition only if they win three sets. Hence, the maximum number of sets is 5. If a tennis player wins an opponent’s serve, such a local success is called a break, and a successful service without touching the other athlete – an ace.
  2. Covers. Today, tennis players play on three major surfaces: hard, clay, and grass. A wagerer should realize that each player has his favourite surface, where he traditionally shows the best results. Spain’s Rafael Nadal, for example, is the king of the clay, as evidenced by his success at Roland Garros. Therefore, it should not come as a surprise if the odds of the victory of the same athlete on different surfaces will seriously differ.
  3. Types of play. After all, in addition to singles, there are also doubles and mixed (men + women) competitions. At the same time, the leader of the season in singles is not always able to show good results in doubles with another athlete, because the specifics of such matches are different.
  4. Motivation. Experienced prognosticators understand that not all tennis tournaments are a priority for athletes. If one of the favorites of conventional Wimbledon, before the beginning of the grass major, participates in a more modest tournament, then the probability of his victory is less. After all, all efforts are focused on the upcoming competition, which can bring 2,000 points and several million dollars in prize money. Also, the forecaster must be careful at the end of the season before the start of the so-called Final Tournament. If a tennis player no longer has the motivation to break through there, it is unlikely he will show his best at the last tournaments of the year.

Best online casinos win real money, but any gambler needs to diversify the process of spinning the reels on the slots. Tennis attracts special attention of such predictors because this sport is known for its intuitive rules and exciting twists and turns of the game

Tips for Wagering on Tennis

Many users make the obvious mistake of wagering on tennis at random. For example, wager on the obvious favourite of the match with small odds. As practice shows, such decisions will lead to a significant loss at a distance. Wagering on tennis matches must be done very carefully, taking into account many nuances. A client of a bookmaker’s office who has decided to try his hand at wagering on this sport should take into account the following points:

  1. Competently control the bank. It is desirable to determine, before the beginning of the game session, the bank that the user will allocate for wagering. In order not to lose all the money in a few minutes, it is necessary to wager no more than 5-7%. Thus, even a series of unsuccessful wagers does not lead to the fact that the wagerer loses all his money.
  2. Choose the best wagering strategies. Going back to the previous point, a “fixed wager” seems to be the ideal way to control the bank. If a prognosticator wants to receive a stable small profit, the classical Martingale might be a good option. Its essence is to wager on outcomes with odds not less than 2 and to double the wager after each failure.
  3. Analyze the psychological state of the athlete.  In today’s world, this is quite easy to do, as almost every tennis player has pages on social networks. Consequently, by reading the latest posts, you can find out if the person has certain problems in his personal life or injuries that can prevent him from showing his best on the court.
  4. Study a player’s past performances on certain courts in the past seasons. It would seem that tennis courts differ from each other only in their surfaces, but this is not the case. Thousands of factors are important to a tennis player’s performance. Such factors include the climate in the city where the competition takes place, as well as the wind speed. Also, do not forget that there are fast courts, and there are those where the players’ serve speed is much slower.
  5. If possible, watch the matches live. This option is best for wagerers who prefer to wager in play. After all, by watching the broadcast you can see how confident this or that tennis player looks.

The more responsible a player is in selecting events and outcomes, the more chances he will have for the final profit. At the same time, wagering randomly, as a rule, leads to failures at a distance.


Sport is interesting to most gambling fans because it is often unpredictable. If we talk about tennis, this statement is more about the women’s tour. The fact is that in the last few years, the first racket of the world changes in the WTA almost every month. There is no obvious favorite to hold the championship for several seasons in a row. In the moments between tennis seasons, a player can also consider the best casinos online for real money. They of course do not have sports wagering, but as an alternative, you can try wagering on slots, roulette, or card games.


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