Serena Williams is one name that is familiar to all of us. One of the richest, and most famous women globally, Serena has taken the world by storm with her perfect form and a perfect game. Regarded as one of the best players to have ever played tennis, Serena is known for her power-packed punches and impressive rallies. 

The 5’9”, 70 kg 40-year-old athlete, with her solid athletic build, intense and continued training regimen, and strict diet plans, helps her keep her body fat low, increasing her performance. In this article, we will be exploring the secrets behind the fitness of Serena Williams, and we will also look into how we can also get to that level of fitness.

Her Training evolution

Once in her earlier career stage, Serena Williams said that she avoided weight gaining practice. But now, that approach has evolved. Serena Williams dedicated hours to tennis-specific training and strength work to strengthen her body that has shown world-class performance.

She clarified that fitness training is significant for every athlete who wishes to be fit like her. It helps to balance the body’s weaknesses and helps to get rid of injuries. So if you want to be fit like her, you should dedicate hours to training.

Body Weight Exercises

It can be seen via Instagram that Serena also does a lot of bodyweight exercises while in the gym, increasing her core strength and muscles. The bodyweight exercises have helped her in delivering those killer serves over and over again. 

She Is Doing Proper Leg Exercises

Serena gives enormous importance to her leg workout. In a game like tennis, where constant movement and speed are essential, the legs must be trained very well. Serena has special workouts and movements to keep her balanced during matches and strengthen the muscles around her knee joints. 

Serena Loves to Go Swimming

Serena is also known to perform swimming exercises on most days. Swimming is a full body exercise that employs all sets of muscles and burns calories fast. Serena uses swimming as a tool for improving her lung capacity. Breathing during a high-calorie-burning game such as tennis is very important, and a split-second delay in decision making and acting upon it can determine the winner. 

She Squats Every Day

Serena Williams gives us some fitness goals through her workout routine. If you can carefully inspect her workout routine, you will notice that hard work is the main ingredient to her success.

She loves to do squats every day as part of her rountine. Everyday squats will strengthen your legs and maintain your stability and balance.

Strict Sleep Schedule

Serena has said that sleep is essential for physical and mental health. She always strives to sleep eight hours per day, even if she sleeps at midnight.

She maintains this minimum of eight hours of sleep even during tournament play. She believes in the advantages of good sleep, and it helps her get fit physically and mentally. If you want to get fit like her, you should maintain a proper sleep routine of a minimum of eight hours. Sleep is crucial to healing and relaxing the body.

Proper Hydration

When we talk about fitness, hydration is an important aspect of training. According to Serena, her hydration routine is incredible. She keeps her water bottle with her, even at night, to stay hydrated.

Raw and Vegan Diet of Her

Serena follows a raw and vegan diet except for her break during the season. During off circuit time, she includes protein and her favorite foods. Still, she always follows a plant-based diet to get fit for competing, especially during the Grand Slam events. 

Serena Loves to Eat Salads and Green

As she follows a plant-based diet most of the time, Serena loves to eat salads and greens. That includes leafy and green salads that are an excellent source of natural fibre, which helps control several things, including bad cholesterol, blood sugar, etc., and maintains your health.

She Loves Protein

Serena Williams always prioritizes protein, and she loves to drink protein smoothies and shakes. In December 2020, she started a new protein shake, happy Viking, with the partnership of data drinks.

Even though she is following a plant-based diet, protein is extremely important and there is a risk of some nutritional gaps. That’s where Serena relies on vegan-friendly protein shakes, which do provide similar muscle-building benefits as whey.

Serena Is Adaptable

She is adaptable to any sudden changes in her workout or diet routine. The capacity to switch her workout or diet routine is essential according to her goals and life. Serena is always adaptable and loves to make changes in her routine.

Be ready to make changes in your routine whenever needed. It can help you to become successful and sustainable like Serena.

Final Thoughts

Seen as an icon of strength everywhere, Serena Williams has redefined what we define as power in many ways. The only woman to win 23 grand slam singles titles, the GOAT of tennis also won the Associated Press’s Female Athlete of the Decade back in 2019. 

She is super disciplined in her routines, and her nature of routine is also a perfect example of a good lifestyle. When attempting to get fit like Serena, you also gain an excellent lifestyle to follow.

Points discussed in this article are necessary to become healthy and strong throughout your life. 

You don’t need to take a lot of effort or hardships to get fit like Serena. You can pay close attention to her exercises, fitness journey, and food choices to start. Also, you can notice how she balances her work/life goals throughout her career, which is ultimately most important of all.


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