When it comes to video and mobile gaming, tennis is no different than any other popular sport. To be more specific, the first-ever publication of a video game simulation was that of tennis. Fan participation in virtual competitions has grown steadily over the years. Match Point (1984), which startled viewers with its simple graphics, was followed by a number of entertainment-based offshoots.

Among the world’s most popular sports, you’ll find tennis. That explains why one of the most popular sports is the subject of so many products and services. Tennis aficionados who don’t want to get their hands on a racket can still enjoy the sport through video and smartphone apps. Here are some of the best tennis video games ever made.


• Tennis for Two

Two decades before Atari published Pong in 1972, an American scientist named William Higinbotham created Tennis for Two, a primitive video game. As a result, tennis is the earliest computer game sports simulation and the first video game ever made for recreational reasons. Tennis for Two provides a side perspective of the tennis court during play. The excitement of playing it continued even if the screen was only 5 inches long and you were the player on the screen. It has a wide range of appeal to the intended audience.

• Top Spin 4

That the series’ most current game, Top Spin 4, came out in 2011, is perplexing. While the visuals were above average for the time, it was Top Spin’s gameplay that really stood out. It was an engrossing experience due to the wide range of strokes, skill levels, and individual strengths and shortcomings. The only thing that bothered me was how difficult it was to improve. However, isn’t that part of the fun of gaming? Top Spin 4 is still popular among tennis enthusiasts, and gamers eagerly await the release of the next version.

• Pong

With a square ball and a court that bounced the ball off the sides, Pong appeared to be a step backward from Tennis For Two. It also ushered in the age of home gaming when Pong moved from arcades to TV sets. It still holds up well despite its basic design, which features varying deflection angles and a faster ball as the rally goes on.

• Grand Slam Tennis 2

There is no doubt that EA Sports had some fun with the game. Grand Slam Tennis 2 was a decent attempt by the leaders in sports video games, despite the fact that they weren’t world number one. EA’s final video game was launched in 2012 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The critical reception was only adequate. As with most EA games, the presentation and visuals were lauded, but the gameplay was unremarkable. It was a good one at the time.

• AO Tennis

For our generation, this game is a must-have experience. It’s quite adaptable. It is possible to create teams and even download the locations that other members of the community utilize. Set up a player and then take him/her on a journey through all of the events! You can win a trophy by competing against the best players in the world. To increase the difficulty, unlock all the characters. This is a challenging game. The controls are straightforward and easy to understand. The shot can be fired with a simple swipe in the desired direction. When you have good timing, faster, more precise, and deftly executed shots are possible.


That concludes our list of the finest video games for tennis players. To keep your skills sharp when playing online, your best bet is to play one of these video games. You can also play to your heart’s content.


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