Continuing to create racquets that are the most popular among tennis professionals and club players, Babolat’s latest racquet coined the Pure Strike VS brings forth modern touches with some traditional flair.

Photo courtesy of Babolat.

Leather is Better

Complete with a retro leather grip, this hefty frame upholds the characteristics of the Strike family of racquets. Control remains paramount, but the added feel and spin production were welcome additions to the Strike line.

Providing stability from the head of the frame all the way to the bottom of grip, the all-new Pure Strike VS is definitely made for players that can create a good amount of racquet head speed from the baseline and on their serves.

This racquet does not need any extra lead tape as it already comes in at over 12 ounces strung, and the leather grip (although and great aesthetic feature), will need an over grip for optimal feel. That said, for those of you who have not played with a racquet that has a leather grip as its base grip, you may never go back after trying this set up.

Photo courtesy of Babolat.

All about Off the Rise

Absorbing power and swinging out from the baseline where made easy with the Strike VS. The racquet was great when scooping up half-volleys from the baseline, and equally as strong when hitting out from the back of the court.

Using the Pure Aero Drive for the past 15 years, there definitely was a swing speed change that needed to take place. The Aero Drive creates effortless power and spin, where the Strike VS makes you earn it a bit more. That said, it really comes down to player preference and skill. Higher skilled players will have a much easier time getting use to what the Strike VS has to offer.

Photo courtesy of Babolat.

Shot Selection

Groundstrokes were readily hit deep and with spin with the Strike VS. Volleys were regularly struck in the sweet spot with serves certainly lacking a bit of power. Returns were hit with a great level of consistency, but did lack a bit of pop compared with the Pure Aero or even Pure Strike.

The Pure Strike VS will be endorsed by a slew of ATP Tour, WTA and top junior talent from around the world. The line will also include matching shoes, accessories, technical socks, a cap and cotton terry cloth to provide users with an overall VS look.

To checkout more on the latest Pure Strike VS line and what it has to offer, visit: today.

Now available in stores, the Pure Strike VS can be purchased at the following stores:

TennisWarehouse (USA)

TennisWarehouse Europe (Europe)



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