Tennis like other sports was affected by the pandemic and COVID causing the closure of sporting events all around the world with tennis fans not being able to attend the live matches due to lockdowns and restrictions being put in place. The lockdowns have now been lifted so tennis and other sports fans can once again return to watching the live games that they love so much.

Due to tennis being put on hold for a long period there were a lot of other industries that struggled as well as all the people in the tennis and gambling industries, who rely on tennis fans putting bets on their favourite players.

There are a lot of casinos that are now back up and running due to the tennis now being back which is a big boost to both parties and you can see that platforms like Wish that have a lot of tennis fans visiting now that the sport thriving once again.

Tennis was hit hard by COVID with many different players and coaches contracting the virus, which caused tournaments and matches to be put on hold until further notice. Wimbledon went ahead this summer, and it was a huge success for the tennis world with fans from all over the world being able to attend their favourite tennis tournament once again. When the restrictions were lifted, Wimbledon was able to go ahead with staff having to work double shifts to make sure that everything was complying with the guidelines regarding COVID and certain measures had to be put in place.

With restrictions being eased tennis is now more popular than ever before with more people looking to take up the sport as a hobby and more younger players are looking to take it up with the chances of turning professional.

A lot more schools and colleges are making sure to offer their students the chance to learn how to play tennis with either lessons during school hours or after school. Due to COVID now being seen to be under control, it is expected that there will be more tennis tournaments throughout the next few years to make up for the ones that have been missed due to the pandemic causing the closure of a lot of events from around the world.


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