Men’s tennis has always garnered attention. However, things are changing slowly and women’s tennis is also getting its much deserved attention and love from the audience. Below is the list of top tennis players of all time.

Serena Williams

One of the most grounded and most influential women in the sport, Serena Williams is the best in tennis. Together with her sister Venus, the pair have been a predominant power in ladies’ tennis since the latter stages of the 1990’s. Serena’s form has unquestionably withstood the trials of time. Serena likes to stay aggressive with her game, and power her rivals around the court with a reliable and forceful serve. Click here to order custom challenge coins.

Steffi Graf 

During her distinguished lifetime career, Steffi Graf was a benchmark for consistency across all surfaces. She left the game not long after her 30th birthday. Regardless of not having a career as long as others, Graf actually stands her ground in the record books. Great foot speed and most likely the best mover with the best footwork, she was at her best in the biggest matches. Graf is absolutely outstanding amongst other tennis players. For tennis online betting, you can visit to check the odds and livescore updated 24/7.

Chris Evert

Evert is known for her artfulness, tricky, speed and uncanny court sense. She didn’t hit hard, she was generally little for a tennis player and she had a beautiful laid back attitude. Nonetheless, in her prime, she was a predominant player who could win on any surface. With present day innovation, her game would have to change, however her precision on each kind of shot would in any case be there. She was the principal player to win in excess of 1000 singles matches.

Margaret Court

It is difficult to recognize the career peak of a player who won a record 24 Grand Slam singles titles. Numerous specialists feel that Margaret Court is the best tennis player of all time. Court was the first lady to join weights and wellness training into her daily practice. The outcome was a long and injury-free career.

Martina Hingis

Martina Hingis isn’t the most genuinely forcing player, particularly in the present game. So, she had a huge load of progress as a youngster, and she stuck around enough to have extensive accomplishments. Her singles career was moderately short because of her first retirement in 2003 at only 22 years old. Had she stayed sound, she absolutely would have fought for some more Grand Slam singles titles.

Evonne Goolagong

Regularly ignored on the grounds that she played during a competitive time, Goolagong was the embodiment of effortlessness and excellence on the court. She appeared to coast across the court and get amazing power. In spite of playing during perhaps the most competitive periods in ladies’ tennis, she won seven Grand Slam titles. The game has changed a lot since she was playing, so it’s difficult to contrast her straightforwardly toward certain peers.

Venus Williams

At the point when Venus Williams initially began succeeding at the WTA level in 1997, many thought that she was well en route to being the best ever. Notwithstanding the accomplishment of her more youthful sister and contender Serena, she without a doubt would have won more if she stayed injury free. She was especially incredible on grass courts, winning five Wimbledon titles.

Justine Henin

It’s improbable that any tennis player at any point got more out of her body than Henin. Known for her psychological and actual durability, Henin was perhaps the most athletic lady to play the game. Notwithstanding her little height, she packed a punch and played a game that incorporated an amazing serve and a forehand shot. Known as extraordinary competitor compared to other players in the game, Henin was one among the best. If it would not have been for her injuries, Henin probably would’ve played a couple of more years.

Monica Seles

There is no uncertainty that Monica Seles was the most predominant player from 1990 – 1992. When the teenager came to the scene in 1989, she amazed nearly everybody in the tennis world. At that point she was stabbed by an onlooker, an occurrence that seriously wrecked her profession. Fans were denied some extraordinary matches as a result of one fan’s obsession. While Monica got back to tennis two years after the episode; she was never fully the same.

Martina Navratilova

Probably the best competitor to play the game, Navratilova overwhelmed women’s tennis from the late 1970’s through the early part of the 1980’s. Known for her serve and volley game, Martina took her enormous serve and great hands at the net to the greatest courts around the world. Probably one of the most difficult players to play in tennis history, Navratilova never surrendered regardless of the adversary or circumstances of a match. 


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