Wagering on tennis has always been popular, however, the relationship of this sports and sportsbook industry is far from perfect. Especially if we are talking about less popular tournaments and matches where the prize money is nothing compared to what the match-fixers offer. The tennis industry and every other sports industry have been severely impacted by the COVID-19 crisis – especially when wagerers turned to 10 free spins and online casinos. This made the shift in this relationship, making sport wagering the means to get back the players to the court by generating revenue.

How Wagering Companies Help Tennis Stars to Get Back to the Court

After the pandemic and the coronavirus crises, the sports world completely changed. Sports events were canceled or delayed. Wagerers turned to esports and online casinos similar to the one you can read about in this Hyper casino review. This even endangered some sports industries as well as sports wagering. Casino companies such as Bet365, DraftKings, BetMGM, and PointsBet and mobil casino started to work on repairing the damage.

Genius Sports teamed up with Topnotch Management are trying their best to materialize Topnotch Tennis Tours MatchPlay 120 series. And the sportsbook brands are already loving it and supporting it. This would help the tennis players get back to the court.

For now, the tournament is supposed to feature some of the top 300 ATP and WTA players who will play in Florida, California, and Ohio. In addition, states that have legalized online wagering are Colorado, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and West Virginia and their sportsbook operators are supporting the cause.

Organizations are hoping that partnerships with sportsbook brands could help the lower-tier sports to return to court. However, players sponsorships with gaming operators are banned due to the TACP or the Tennis Anti-Corruption Program.

Sportsmen That Were Involved in Gambling Scandals

Even if the anti-corruption programs and organizations in sports are doing their best to prevent incidents, they still happen. Poor prize pools and higher bidding of match-fixers are putting the athletes in tough situations – especially those earning less.

Here are some of the infamous wagering scandals where tennis athletes were included:

-Gerard Joseph Platero Rodriguez engaged in courtsiding and gambling

-Daniel Köllerer was the lead role of several controversies rand he was found guilty
of match-fixing

-Allegedly, Nikolay Davydenko from allegations fixed a match against Martin
Vassallo Arguello in 2007

-Nicolás Kicker was accused of for match-fixing in 2015 and he ended up being
banned from the sport for a period of time

Which Slot Games are the Top Tennis Players’ Choice While Resting

There are plenty of tested slot games players can find at online casinos. Some of the, are movie-themed, game-themed or even sports-themed. Take a look at what re the top slot game choice of tennis players around the world:

1.Tennis Stars
2.Tennis Champions
3.Centre Court

Tennis Stars developed by Playtech is the absolute number one among all other tennis-themed slots. It even gives the player the option to play a virtual game of tennis and it has generous free spins. In addition, you can choose to play as a male of female tennis athlete.

Tennis Champions is a minimum deposit slots game released in 2017 with incredible photo-realistic graphics. the best feature of this slot is their ‘multiplier meter that is being filled when you spin and lose. Thus, when players get a winning line it will be worth more.

Centre Court is the perfect slot for tennis fans who love Wimbledon, as the graphics resemble the tournament. Moreover, this game is a bit older than the above-mentioned ones. In other words, the graphics and animations might not be that great, but this slot has many great bonus features.


To sum up, even with all the corruption and match-fixing scandals which are less common, the tennis world is currently depending on the industry. As a matter of fact, the sports wagering is equally depending on sports – which is why working for a mutual goal is the solution.


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