Tennis is one of the most challenging sports to play and one of the most wonderful sports to watch. It is just perfect! The fact that it is the absolute manifestation of the mix between skills, competencies, strategies, tactics and psychology only reveals the brilliance of this sport. 

Tennis has millions of fans across the world. But quite evidently, not everyone follows tennis with the same level of devotion and commitment or with the same degree of excitement. For some people tennis is the king of sports, that one sport that is above every other. For some, tennis is among the best sports to watch, while for others tennis is a perfect sport for wagering on AllbetsTV

But there is almost nobody that does not think that tennis is an interesting sport. I mean, it is nearly impossible to find many people who do not like tennis or who think that it is a dull and boring sport. 

Let’s see the basic categories of tennis fans!

The tennis lovers

There are the enthusiasts and dedicated tennis lovers, who have an innate, strong and committed affection for the specific sport. They enjoy tennis per se, no matter where it takes place, whom it involves and what’s the stake. These people are genuine fans of the sport itself and the fact that it combines so many different things like strategy, capabilities, determination, motivation, critical thinking and analytical skills is one of the basic reasons that drives their interest and absolute love. 

These fans are likely to watch both big tournaments like the iconic Grand Slams and smaller, regional tournaments. In fact they are all in for tennis and this is their primary motive for following the sport. 

The tennis players’ fans

There are also the players’ fans, who follow their favorite tennis players in every competition and tournament taking place around the globe and every small or big event happening. These fans get passionate about particular athletes, usually top seeded tennis players, who are breaking records after records in winning events in the sport and showcase exceptional skills and strategies that turn out to be winners in their confrontation with other big opponents. 

Those who are primarily driven by their support for specific players are for example more likely to watch and rewatch key tennis moments from their favorite players in Wimbledon or Roland Garros. 

The tournament fans

There are the high profile tournament fans, such as Grand Slam fans who generally watch tennis matches in these huge events, which tend to feature top-notch tennis players and big stars, like Carlos Alcaraz, Stefanos Tsitsiplas, Taylor Fritz or Ons Jabeur. 

For the tournament fans, the event is probably what matters the most. They like to watch specific organizations or promotions because of their ‘weight’, their image and of course their featured upscale, unique tennis atmosphere. For those fans, it is all about the prestige of the sport – it is this touch of glam that comes along with a big, top profile tournament. 

The casual fans

There are the more casual fans, who like to watch tennis whenever a big match happens, or when a game is hyped by the popularity of the opponents or the significance of the matchup, like a Novak Djokovic vs Rafael Nadal US Open final let’s say. 

These fans are fascinated by events that become the epicenter of the world’s attention. Everything that is trending around tennis is a must see for the more casual fans. 

The beginner fans

And there are those fans that have only started watching tennis, being mesmerized by the beauty of the sport and the magic of a tennis match. They are not yet so much immersed with tennis, but they have developed strong feelings and emotions towards a sport that combines all contradictory, yet complementary in many cases aspects like nobility and offense, strategy and skills, passive and active play. 

These are the five basic types of tennis fans! Which one are you?


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