Wagering has been a source of entertainment for many people across the globe. All forms of wagering also create a means of winning real money, attracting many Zealanders. Meanwhile, the gambling industry is on the rise in the nation as the gaming machine profit hit $NZ 257.2 million in August 2022.

The introduction of online wagering gives birth to many gambling platforms for Kiwis. The comfort and privacy many punters enjoy have contributed to the growth of online wagering in the country. With more platforms becoming available for NZ gamers, the competition became fierce. Hence, the need to promote arises.

Conversely, tennis is a popular sport in the country. Most bookmakers offer exciting markets for this sport’s events. Meanwhile, various Tennis bodies like the International Tennis Federation (ITF), the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP), and the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) organize many tournaments worldwide. These tournaments are followed by many sports lovers and punters worldwide.

While casino firms need the global exposure attributed to major tennis tours, the organizing bodies also need funds to pay winners and run the matches. It gave birth to sponsorship and endorsement partnership between the two entertainment worlds. Paysafe Casino NZ will sponsor a tournament to gain more customers while the organizers expose them to more wagerers. Thus creating a win-win relationship.

However, tennis players are banned from wearing kits promoting casinos. However, gaming sites can be advertised on websites and boards around the court. Wagering sites offer amazing promotions and bonuses to attract customers. They also ensure they provide premium services for NZ gamers to retain them.

In this post, we will discuss the partnership between tennis and casinos. Brand awareness and market expansions will be taken into consideration. We will also cover how casinos build loyalty through sponsorship and other relevant information for New Zealanders.

Improving Customer Loyalty

The wagering industry is the new gold mine. New bookmakers and casinos emerge every time. Knowing they are entering an already populated industry, they offer mouthwatering promotional offers to Kiwis. This strategy works every time unless for a few loyal fans. It reveals how important it is for bookmakers to build trust with their new and old customers.

Reputable bodies like ATP, WTA, and ITF regulate tennis and its competition. These bodies have tons of tournaments for professional players. Sponsoring tours like the US Open and Wimbledon will not only create exposure but also help build trust in such casinos. Seeing a casino advertisement in ATP Masters Series helps create a positive perception of the casino. Thus encouraging more New Zealanders to play.

Further, for a sport’s governing body to partner with a casino, its reputation is on the line. Before they sign any partnership deal, they will ensure proper evaluations of the gambling platform. A casino that partners with major tennis event organizers will prove the genuineness of the wagering brand. Also, many people believe most online gaming platforms are scams. However, punters’ doubts are cleared with a casino brand being displayed in global tennis events.

Many sports lovers also believe in their favorite superstar; seeing them play in a venue that promotes a casino brand will equally build trust. Seeing Roger Federer promoting a Paysafe casino NZ will attract his fans that are punters. Since they trust the player, they believe he won’t mislead them, and this trust would be transferred to the casino site.

Similarly, obtaining licenses from reputable wagering regulatory bodies will also help build trust. Casino sites can further strengthen their customer loyalty by offering promotions for Kiwis. These offers must be reasonable. The wagering requirement must be realistic. Additionally, providing excellent service over many years will help a brand build its reputation.

Brand Awareness

While guaranteed customer loyalty will help you gain new customers, creating brand awareness and recognition is also vital. Brand recognition deals with a casino’s logo, slogans, colors, and other attributes. All of these give room for proper identification of the brand. Brand recognition is essential for brand growth.

Displaying a casino logo, slogan, and color around match venues in major tournaments will help NZ punters recognize the wagering firm easily. Wagering sites must ensure their branding is distinct from other online casinos. This will make it easier for punters to identify the casino brand whenever it is displayed at a major sports event.

On the other hand, brand awareness reminds ideal customers that the brand exists. This aspect is essential. NZ punters won’t recognize your brand if they don’t even know it exists. A partnership with a major sports event can help build awareness of an online wagering site.

Also, people tend to remember what they see over and over again. With a casino brand being displayed around a game venue continuously for a long time, it will create awareness in the mind of wagerers. They will easily patronize the wagering site when they wish to enjoy online gaming. It can either be for leisure or make real money.

Further, a casino progresses when it finds a way to connect with its customers (the punters). You’re most likely to see New Zealand punters through advertisements in a major sports event. When Paysafe casino NZ decides to partner with such event organizers, the wagering site thrives and survives the competition in the industry. 

A gambling firm can also run publicity on a television broadcast during breaks in a major tennis tour. It works better when two stars are playing. Here the casino brand can reach the spectators through its logos and slogans on the electronic boards. Also, they can reach New Zealanders following the game on TV.

Market Expansion

Another benefit casino operators derive from sponsoring tennis events is that it makes market expansion easier. Meanwhile, market expansion is the primary aim of sponsoring public tennis events organized by the ATP, ITF, and the WTA. They organize major tours. This helps the casino extend its territory globally, increasing its profits.

ATP, ITF, and WTA are the major tennis associations. They organize various annual competitions for male and female tennis players. Australian Open, Miami Open, Qatar Total Open (Women’s WTA), Qatar ExxonMobil Open (Men’s ATP), US Open, and many others are watched by millions worldwide. When a casino name, logo, or slogan is shown on electronic boards across the court, it projects the wagering site to more potential wagerers.

Also, running television publicity will help gain more customers. A wagering site can introduce premium wagering services and promotions to interested viewers in the tournament clash. This will show what the casino has in stock for NZ gamers. Meanwhile, most wagerers will buy the idea and visit the gaming site to open a new wagering account.

However, online casino service providers cannot deal directly with individual players. This means names, logos, slogans, and other branding attributes of a casino cannot be printed on players’ shirts. Players are also forbidden from running promotions for online casinos or wagering websites. Regardless, ATP and WTA authorities can erect billboards around the venue to advertise a gaming site. 

Finally, a casino will reach more potential wagerers when advertised via ATP and WTA competitions. With large followers of tennis games across continents, more customers are aware of your services. This will also increase their earnings and help them survive the competition in the online wagering industry.

Wagering Winnings

Wagering generally depends on luck, and tennis wagering is not exempted. However, it is essential to understand some aspects of the games before staking real money on them. This will increase your chances of winnings. Below are some examples of tennis markets that require some knowledge of the sport.

  • Match Winner: match winner involves wagering on who will emerge victorious in a match. It is essential to know where the players rank on the world players ranking. This will help you determine the favorite and underdog. Favorite most times wins in sports games unless there is an upset, which may be due to injuries or fatigue.
  • Over/Under (Total) Sets: wagering on total sets involves the number of sets to be played before a game-winner is decided. Some matches are decided after a player wins 2 sets. Others are after 3 sets. Knowing how good the players are will help in making the right choices. For instance, players who are closely ranked will likely compete closely. This makes “Over totals” preferable.
  • Sets Handicap: Sets handicap is a pre-match wagering market where you give a specific player a handicap (a set point) to win against the opponent. For instance, if you give Nadal a +1.5 set handicap to beat Federer and Nadal lost by a set (2-1), your wager wins. Handicaps can also be used to boast a favorite odds. Here, you’ll select the favorite player to win with a negative (-0.5) handicap. The player must win with 2 set difference for your wager to win.
  • Over/Under (Total) Games: another interesting market NZ punters can wager on is total games. This involves wagering on the number of games the players would play in a tennis match. You also need to know the players’ abilities before you go for this selection. Closely contested games usually have better chances of producing “over games”. However, “under” mainly occurs when the favorite and underdog are involved.


The online wagering industry is densely populated. New and existing casino service providers must find a way to survive the competition. Since their services revolve around sports, sponsoring sports is one of the best ways to reach more wagerers. Meanwhile, tennis is one of the top sports, with many followers and some top superstars who compete in various tournaments.

ATP and WTA organizers need sponsors to help with the winners’ prizes. This gave birth to the casino-tennis partnership. We have discussed that this union provides mutual benefits for both parties involved. The tournament’s organizers can access the funds they need via this partnership. Also, online gaming sites gain exposure through publicity provided by the contest organizers.

It is worth noting that casino service providers are not allowed to deal directly with individual players. It implies no gambling site name or logo is permitted on players’ shirts. Similarly, players are banned from running advertisements for casinos. However, gaming sites can erect billboards or advertise using the electronic boards available at match venues.

Interestingly, this exposure helps wagering firms to survive the industry’s competition, as explained in this post. We revealed that by sponsoring tennis events grants, online casino operators access more potential customers as it expands their reach. Also, continued publicity via tennis events helps build brand awareness and recognition.

Further, seeing advertisements for an online casino in a major ATP and the WTA events will help build confidence in a casino brand. Sports lovers trust the ITF, ATP, and WTA. They will believe in the genuineness of the casino firm associated with them. It will create loyalty which helps retain customers.

In all, casino firms’ sponsorship in the tennis industry benefits both parties and the online gaming industry.


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