TopCourt is a still-growing online platform provided by TopCourt company. Here you can learn top tricks and skills of tennis with the pro players and coaches. If you are an avid tennis fan, Top court is the platform to get you an edge on tennis knowledge.

You can attend the best coaching classes from coaches like Fritz, Bencic, Verdasco, etc., who have made their mark on the world of tennis. By Acquiring E-learning technology, TopCourt has risen to fame within no time. 

You can head to many platforms for information on tennis, but why choose Top Court? Well, the simple answer is its hallmark to allow you access to the highest quality tennis information directly. You can access a wide range of several interviews with the pro players and coaches. 

Knowing everything about the content of matches and drills, you can also sharpen your tennis skills from beginner to pro level. Isn’t that exciting to get insight from different top players of the game that you look up to? 

Here’s a brief guide to the benefits that TopCourt brings you:


Do you not dream of getting a sneak peek into your ideal players’ life? The top court can make your dreams come true. It plays the role of bridge between the fans and players; Top Court has uploaded stories behind the pros’ lives, struggles, and successes for you. 

You can easily watch each player’s life, uploaded in a mini-series with episodes and highlights. Top Court also give you a bite into the players’ on and off-court life from their early years till today. 

As a fan, you will know that stories of players’ lives are more entertaining and pleasant rather than a teaching session. Storytime with your favorite player is like a walk alongside them in a park. The best way to connect with them. And if you want to experience the same, what are you doing here?


When you open the top court, the routine and drills of pro players are everywhere. You get to see the players talk about the pieces of training they loved to do and still do every day. You can choose from hundreds of videos.

Adopting these drills to be an expert-level tennis player is no longer difficult. All you have to do is follow your favorite player and make a routine they follow, and ah-ha, you are already halfway there.  

Instruction Videos

The thing that makes Top Court unique is its unmatched video quality. You can easily see professional videos for instructions on each point and rule of tennis. You can access the coaching of famous coaches that have made top players get their titles, and there’s everything you can learn from their videos. 

A series of videos instruct you about every pro tip and trick to the sport. Knowing how your favorite player hits their best shots is a cherry on Top.

Behind the Scene

Top Court also releases new players’ videos monthly, including the BTS videos. Are you feeling Excited? Only a few platforms have access to the behind-the-scenes, and TopCourt gives you the best opportunity ever. 

You can watch your players in the gym, hang out with friends, spend time in the locker room, play Online pokies Australia, etc. Some players you can watch include Lindsay Davenport, Genie Bouchard, Fernando Verdasco, Taylor Fritz, Sloane Stephens, Alja Tomljanovic, Paul Annacone, Brad Gilbert, Belinda Bencic, Paul Annacone, and more.


The top court is gradually making its way to fame, and tennis fans love getting new gameplay ideas and tricks. It s wise to put your money in the right place to get your ideal player’s insights. 

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