Maintaining a balance on the latest update with tennis available on the internet can emerge to be a full-time job. Video is more commonly accessible than ever before, but the sheer number of streaming platforms can indeed be overpowering.

Sports fans in the United Kingdom,United States and Canada enjoy watching any type of sport that is available on streaming sites. They are constantly looking for new streaming options where they can watch sports at their convenient time. Howtowatchinuk assists them in obtaining what they seek.

Now, without further ado, we will discuss the top best streaming services for watching tennis in this article, so let us get started.

How to Stream Every 2023 Tennis Grand Slam for Free


Cost: Free!

You can stream all four 2023 major grand slams (Australia Open, French Open, Wimbledon and US Open) for free, anywhere in the world, with 9Now. You’ll need to use ExpressVPN, as 9Now is normally only available in Australia. To stream tennis on 9Now:

  1. Get ExpressVPN (make sure you get the 3 extra months free!)
  2. Connect to a server location in Australia.
  3. Sign up to 9Now. If you’re asked to provide an Australian postcode, just use 2000 or 3010.
  4. Watch every 2023 grand slam for free!


ESPN Plus, the company’s devoted streaming service, is among the most cost-effective ways to stream tennis online regularly.

They provide live broadcasts for three of the four major tournaments, as well as a few other tournaments. For only $70 annually, you can stay in touch for the majority of the year.

The negative aspect of ESPN Plus is that it isn’t progressing to have anything related to the French Open. In addition to that, most tennis fans will explore that they require something else to augment their configuration.

It’s not a bad solution, it’s possible that it won’t be capable of surviving by itself. For the price, many tennis fans opt for a yearly subscription.


Acquiring the DIRECTV Stream server is a trustable option for watching tennis online. What such a stream from DIRECTV does provide is essentially the same as the conventional cable package. That implies there are numerous live channels available, including all of the main ones for tennis fans.

DIRECTV is usually running promotional offers, so it’s good to check and see how much it tends to cost for every month. Most individuals will pay between $70-$80. It’s not the cheapest method of watching tennis, but it does provide everything in one place. It also easily transforms back home to be watched more traditionally.


Vidgo is an alternative for individuals who only desire ESPN without cable. It’s a bit expensive, but it is suitable for individuals who are only passionate about sports.

ESPN presently covers a significant amount of tennis, and they have a long-term contract to do so. Vidgo seems to have 150 channels in total, but this can be a bit misleading since some of the channels are extremely niche.

Take into consideration that this is primarily sports-related, so there are a lot of cash payments for extra unused options.


The French Open has a streaming agreement with NBC which thus tends to make things very difficult for fans. It’s uncomfortable being required to pay attention to Peacock after disregarding it for a year, but it’s simple to set up and enjoy in seconds.

After the French Open, tennis fans will just be permitted to opt-out of having to pay monthly fees until the following year. It is more of an annoyance than anything else, but the good thing is that it’s fairly priced.

YouTube TV

People are spending a little more money on YouTube TV since it offers a broader range of choices than rivals.

There seem to be approximately 85 television stations accessible, as well as a plethora of on-demand content. It’s advantageous for tennis fans to have NBC, ESPN, and Tennis Channel all in one package.

YouTube TV enables automated personalization. Individuals can put together precisely what channel they desire, instead of leaping around or searching elsewhere.

It’s completely free to try it out and determine whether it’s good enough to justify it, but most individuals end up plugging it for the most part. When you get past the higher monthly charge, it’s great to have everything available in one place rather than using different applications all the time.

Sling TV

Many individuals view Sling TV to be the cheapest affordable option for individuals who wish to stream live tennis. It is a component of the Dish Network and is only available within the United States. Sling offers numerous packages in addition to add-on packages to increase access.

Sling Orange is the best alternative for tennis fans since it contains ESPN, ESPN2, as well as ESPN3. NBC Sports does have live tennis, but somehow it costs an additional $10 a month. Some individuals are reluctant to add that on and use it sparingly.

Sling TV will make absolute sports supporters feel a little itemized. Every sport and channel seemed to have an additional fee. If you like tennis, you might find that Sling TV is worth it. However, if you want to add a lot of different options, the price will start to go up. 


FuboTV is all about sports streaming. S soccer is the most common sport here, yet tennis fans aren’t left out. It offers Tennis Channel programming, NBC Sports Network, and NBC. FuboTV, on the other hand, doesn’t have any ESPN networks, which tennis fans might find annoying.

Soccer fans who tend to watch tennis would most certainly enjoy this package. It’s oriented further toward those fans than anyone else. It’s not a bad alternative, however, there are better ones for tennis only. Not having to spend any extra money while also still having a few tennis solutions is beneficial.

Hulu Live

Hulu Live seems to be another streaming platform alternative for those who desire more than just tennis channels. The basis includes approximately 65 channels and Hulu’s broadcast library.

Many individuals like Hulu since it is simple to set up and allows them to view live television from anywhere. There are additional bundling possibilities that make it much more affordable than individuals may think.

In terms of downsides, this isn’t going to be a way to watch the Tennis Channel on consumption. Hulu Live has ESPN and NBC, however, the Tennis Channel is a separate acquisition. Handling at least two apps may not be the most pleasurable thing in the world for some individuals.

Sportsbook Apps

Sportsbooks in the United States offer their customers opportunities to watch live sports events including Tennis.

When players sign up on a sportsbook, they get the chance to access hundreds of live sporting events. But more often than not, players are required to make a deposit before they are able to live stream sports on wagering apps.

Nevertheless, the upside is that they stand a chance to claim sports betting bonuses. For example, wagering sites in America have a retinue of Tennis betting offers for their customers.


I genuinely hope you found this article helpful and that you now have a better understanding of which streaming site to select based on your budget and preferences. Good streaming, everyone.


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