Famous Tennis Players Who Love To Wager

published: Oct, 19, 2022

by: TC Staff

Most of you know that Rafael Nadal, Boris Becker, and Jimmy Connors don’t mind making a few casino wagers. But the list of avid punters among tennis players is much broader and today, we want to share it with you. Don’t be surprised to see such names as Patrick De Koster, Andy Murray, and even Novak Djokovic. Who knows, maybe they even spin the reels of popular online pokies in New Zealand from time to time! 

Patrick De Koster

The first famous tennis player on our list is Patrick De Koster. His favourite casino game is poker which has earned him hundreds of thousands of dollars in numerous tournaments across the world. Throughout his sports career, Patrick had a big number of injuries which led him to a less traumatic pastime – poker. With time, this hobby transformed into a professional career that occupied all of De Koster’s time. Still, you won’t find Patrick at all venues and tournaments because he is rather picky when it comes to games. De Koster is a great example that it is possible to play reasonably and still become a successful poker player.

Andy Murray

Andy Murray is one of the strongest and most purposeful tennis players of our time. These qualities, along with a cold mind and strategic thinking, helped him make impressive earnings out of casino games. Andy also doesn’t mind playing slot games. He says that they are fun and easy to understand which is a great option after a hard and busy day. What’s more, Murray doesn’t mind claiming casino bonuses and playing with free spins. Want to get one of these bonuses as well? Then you won’t do without Grace Tennet’s reviews at NZ CasinoHEX.

Novak Djokovic

The third name on our list doesn’t require an introduction. Novak Djokovic is a 35-year-old tennis player from Belgrade, Serbia with the 7th rank in singles and a big number of international rewards. He loves playing poker on a regular basis and often calls this pastime a brain booster. In addition, Novak likes testing slots and progressives that don’t require many skills. For now, Djokovic doesn’t have a record of impressive poker wins because his tennis career is still at its peak. But who knows, maybe after retiring he’ll become a professional player.

Patrik Antonius 

As well as De Koster, Antonius had injuries rather often which made him leave the world of professional tennis. But instead of falling into depression, Patrik found out that he has rather solid skills in casino games that require focus and analytical thinking. Patrik Antonius is one of the brightest examples of how a tennis player can become a poker professional – by now, he has already won over $12 million in the game! You can find Antonius at numerous tournaments both online and offline. 

Gus Hansen

Gus Hansen has never been a world-class tennis player and didn’t achieve the highest ranks throughout his athletic career. However, everything changed when he started playing poker. Known for his aggressive and unpredictable style, Hansen has earned the Great Dane nickname. Even a $20 million wagering debt didn’t stop him from playing. 

David Benyamine

Older tennis fans surely recognize David Benyamine. Some time ago, this French player was really popular across Europe although his career ended rather quickly after a shoulder injury. At that time, Benyamine decided to try card games and it turned out that he was rather good at poker and blackjack. Nowadays, David plays both online and offline, earning well enough to cover the bills and travel the world. 

Roger Federer

Roger Federer is a rather private person, so you won’t find him talking about his personal life or hobbies. Whenever asked about such issues, he would change the subject. But Federer is often seen in Monte Carlo which makes us think that the famous tennis player loves spending his free time at casinos. According to insider information, most of all Roger likes such table games as roulette and blackjack.

Sportsmen are notable punters

To become a professional tennis player or advance in any other type of sport, a person should possess such qualities as risk-taking, determination, and ardour. All these traits are inherent to gamblers as well, so it is not surprising that so many tennis players enjoy slots and table games.

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