Why is Tennis Gaining Popularity Faster than Ever?

published: Oct, 10, 2022

by: TC Staff

Tennis is a sport with a lot of history behind it and one that has been played for many years. It is also a sport that has always attracted an army of loyal fans who follow its every move. Despite this, it is also true to say that tennis seems to be more popular than ever – with the sport estimated to have one billion fans around the world! But just why has it grown to become so well-loved recently? 

Sports wagering is helping tennis grow 

There is no doubt that tennis betting is one of the major reasons the sport is growing so fast currently. Interestingly, sports wagering itself has also been on a rapid upward trajectory in recent years and seems to have a healthy symbiotic relationship with the sports it enables people to wager on. 

But just how has the love we seem to have discovered for wagering on matches helped tennis grow so much? To begin with, it has allowed people who already follow tennis to add more excitement to watching the best tournaments. This has brought them even closer to the sport and has seen them invest even more time into watching matches or more resources into buying tennis merchandise. 

wagering on tennis has also enabled the sport to reach more people than ever. Many people who would not usually have bothered with tennis have become fans through wagering on it and has helped to attract a whole new legion of supporters.

Exciting to follow 

Of course, when thinking about why it is growing so fast, you have to factor in how exciting tennis is to follow. The four Grand Slam tournaments, for example, are packed full of the best players and always deliver top-class action. This makes them very exciting to watch and has enabled tennis to pick up more fans in recent years. 

By the same token, tennis is a sport that is full of engaging personalities and drama. Whether it is Nick Kyrgios kicking off on court or comments made by a top female pro like Serena Williams causing a stir off court, there is always an interesting range of fresh stories to follow. This helps tennis to be an interesting sport to get into and sees more people than ever choosing to do so. 

Lots of media coverage in the modern age 

While tennis has always enjoyed pretty good coverage in the world’s media throughout modern history, it does seem to be getting more headlines than ever. This has seen it become widely accepted as a top sport by the public and one to rival the big hitters such as soccer or football. Due to this more mainstream acceptance of tennis and the greater amount of coverage it now gets, the sport has been able to attract more fans globally. 

You only have to look around at the amount of press the sport gets (especially for major events like the 2022 US Open win by top young pro Carlos Alcaraz) and the range of media that covers tennis now for proof of this. Whether you catch the latest news at online tennis websites, the latest matches on TV, breaking stories in print newspapers or stream the latest tournaments online, it is very easy to access tennis in the media. This has helped it reach more people lately and grow at a rapid pace.

An all-year-round sport 

Another reason for the growing popularity tennis has seen of late is down to it being an all-year-round sport. Tennis, after all, usually has a competition going on somewhere in the world every day, and runs almost 365 days a year. This means there is always a match to catch somewhere, always new stories to read and no boring offseason to put up with! All this seems to chime with modern sports fans and has helped tennis attract a lot more attention from them as a result.

Tennis is a fast-growing sport 

The truth of it is that tennis has always been a popular sport globally and has always had its fair share of supporters. It is also important to point out, though, that tennis does seem to have really accelerated its growth of late. This is due to the reasons we have discussed above, which have enabled it to embrace a new generation of followers. With there being no reason why this should stop anytime soon, we expect the sport to grow even more in the years to come. 

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