iGaming has a vast share of the wagering entertainment market and contributes to the business of tennis. Many discussions arise around how acceptable it is for a sports organization to enter into a sponsorship contract with a wagering business. Below we will talk about how wagering has influenced the development of tennis and the ethics of such cooperation.

Big Sport and the WageringWorld

Recent years have been characterized by the major influence of wagering on sports in general. Numerous deals have been made, where the sponsors are large wagering organizations representing all kinds of competitions. Tennis was not left out. The game is first of all attracted by its personalities, as it is an individual sport and the player’s image largely determines the trends.

The competitions held in tennis provide the year-round potential for publicity, making it very attractive. Big tournaments are of great interest to potential sponsors, and for the players, it is also an opportunity to attract extra attention. Among the significant events in tennis are the following:

  • Wimbledon
  • Grand Slam tournaments
  • WTA
  • ATP Tour
  • Davis Cup

It is worth noting that having established themselves, athletes have the opportunity to get more favorable terms when entering into long-term sponsorship contracts. Tennis players’ careers have become longer. Therefore, building their image correctly on and off the court makes sense to get maximum presentability.

The debate about the ethics of sponsorship by wagering organizations

One can always find criticism from people who claim that wagering associations have a detrimental effect on sports. But it should also be mentioned that businesses are more interested in pure and transparent wagering than anyone else. Therefore, control over sporting events is only increasing. This helps to avoid fraudulent schemes and match-fixing.

According to Stanislas Wawrinka, the Australian Open winner in 2014, bookmakers play a significant role in controlling the prevention of fraud. The main achievement of such sponsorship is the best possible conditions for tournament organizers, players, and the sponsor itself. Eliminating any cheating is a big step toward eliminating the only problem with the sport and tennis.

Such statements make it clear that only full understanding and cooperation of all parties give ground for a successful business. For if the organizers want to make money on the side and discredit the whole event in this way, everyone will lose. The best option would be complete transparency on and off the court.

There is another opinion, referring to Andy Murray. The tennis player criticizes the decision of the sports association to allow the signing of a sponsor solely to wagering organizations and not athletes. He believes that the association is openly deceiving itself by denying players the choice in favor of their preferences.

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Liability of parties in sponsorship by wagering organizations

The rules of the ATP World Tour regulate the rights and obligations of the two parties to the sponsorship relationship.

Bookmaking companies Players
You can’t use tennis players’ uniforms to promote an advertising company It is forbidden to act in tennis wagering advertisements
  Acting as an ambassador for tennis bookmakers
  Create publications on websites, write in magazines and articles related to wagering


And even though Murray says he has not encountered direct bribery offers, there are reports of offers to blow matches for a large sum of money from other players. Analysts argue that it is in the lower ranks of the sport that there is plenty of evidence of match-fixing. The opportunity to break into this sport is expensive, but the desire to get to the top does not diminish.

Wagering on tennis in online casino Australia

In 2012 the ITF signed a contract to monitor all match results with Sportradar. Detailed statistics will be transmitted to wagering sites to provide information on all tournaments and predict the odds. Operational data on live events will allow users to analyze the balance of power in real-time to make wagering decisions.

After signing this contract, the tournaments of lesser importance attracted many gamers, who watched the results with interest. The demand for wagering in tournaments since 2012 exceeded any expectations. More than 40,000 tournaments became available to players. In the end, the president of the ATP strictly recommended tournament organizers avoid entering into sponsorship agreements with wagering organizations.

The world of sports is full of intrigue and controversy, but the more colourful the competition, the more popular the sport will be.

The main rule is always to think about the game and weigh each action. Read and analyze available information to avoid losing wagers. Controlling your balance will save income and multiply them. Allow yourself to wager if you are 21 years of age or older.

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