The popularity of wagering has led to the appearance of an impressive number of online casinos and sites offering sports wagering. Different methods of luring players are implemented, from no deposit bonuses to games with live dealers with HD pictures. In the struggle for players, operators of wagering platforms try to stand out as much as possible by sponsoring tennis tournaments, matches, and the athletes themselves.

Sponsorship is a universal tool to promote and advertise any brand, including wagering establishments. The number of sports sponsorship contracts with wagering clubs has increased dramatically in recent decades. It has also been used by bookmakers, funding players, and tournaments to promote their services globally and in Australia as a whole.

The development of tennis in Australia and in the world


Today, the world of tennis hosts many annual sporting events, popular in hundreds of countries. This opens up the potential for marketing activities and investment in famous players. All this positively affects fees and significantly develops tennis, making it one of the most lucrative sports.


Tournaments such as the Grand Slam, Wimbledon, Davis Cup, and the Olympics attract the attention of millions of tennis fans. This is an excellent opportunity to promote the most popular online gambling sites, which are in constant search of new players. Sponsorship of the tournament will allow you to show your name and improve brand awareness. The name of the online wagering site will be placed on billboards and signs on all the courts of the tournament. Therefore, thousands of wagering platforms are trying to sponsor players or tennis events in general.

Not everyone shares the experts’ views on the positive impact of wagering platform sponsorship in the sport. But most are inclined to believe that wagering companies and other wagering sites will eradicate corruption in tennis.

Is online wagering sites sponsorship necessary? Pros and Cons

The opinions of many tennis players and experts are divided. Some argue about the positive impact of sponsorship on the sport. Others doubt that this assumption is valid. Let’s take a look at the thoughts of the prominent representatives of the tennis community:

  • Stanislas Wawrinka – winner of the 2014 Australian Open (read more at, suggested in 2016 that wagering sites would help eliminate corruption in tennis. He argued that the operators of wagering platforms are interested in the purity of business and users’ trust, removing match-fixing, which leads to the loss of sponsorship money.
  • Andy Murray – a British tennis player with the status of a former world number one, declared his wish to change the sponsorship conditions in this sport. The reason is that wagering sites cannot sign contracts with individual players. In his opinion, allowing sponsorships to be signed with tournaments and not players is hypocrisy.
  • Novak Djokovic –  one of the best tennis players from Serbia, supported Andy Murray’s position, trying to convince him to change the rules of sponsorship in tennis. He stated that he had already received a lucrative match offer for £110,000 in 2007.

Famous Tennis Sponsor Companies

Various competitions and tournaments today attract the attention of many sponsors. This makes it possible to announce your brand directly on the courts or during TV broadcasts of professional tennis matches. With the growth of event rebroadcasting, improved smartphone capabilities, and the rise of social media, the appeal of sporting events is only growing. Nielsen Media Research alone said the gaming industry in Australia would spend nearly $300 million in 2020.

Today, sponsors of famous tournaments and tennis matches include Betway Limited, wagering operators group 1X Corp N.V. and other well-known organizations that own a network of online casinos or wagering shops. They enter into agreements worth millions annually, generating impressive funds for the development of tennis in Australia and the world.

What are the rules for advertising online wagering sites?

Below we will consider a general list of rules for advertising wagering brands on television or the Internet. We also believe the main trends in the development of sponsorship of online casino operators in tennis tournaments:

Rules of advertising online casinos or wagering Actions of wagering platforms for brand advertising in the future
Strict identification of a representative of a wagering site or company Increasing the share of sponsorship in tennis events
Wagering service providers may not be guests or members of the commentary team Payment for advertising during pauses on television
It is forbidden to advertise wagering content during children’s programs Creating promotional video campaigns
Wagering advertising should not be aimed at a children’s audience Brand advertising on tennis players’ shirts
A particular time to advertise wagering Permission to sign agreements with a player, not a tournament
No advertising of wagering or changing odds is allowed at the time of the tennis match  

Tennis sponsorships will only grow in the future, luring players to wagering sites. But it is important to take the time to explain to wagering connoisseurs the harm of slot machines and other entertainment. Take into account that players are allowed to play for real money only if they are 21 years old and have experience playing in demo mode.


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