One of the greatest tennis players of all time this September announced the end of her career. Even though Serena Williams’s fans knew this would eventually happen, this news still came as a shock. The athlete devoted 27 years to professional tennis. She started playing professionally at the age of 14 and won her first title at 17.

Williams tearfully assured that this decision was difficult and painful for her, but the time has come to give way to younger athletes and discover new talents.

She has now established a venturing company and stated that she is planning to spend more time with her family. Although we will miss Serena on the big stage, we will never forget her contribution to tennis. Let’s remember her most prominent achievements!


Early Years and the Beginning of her Career

Serena began her tennis lessons in early childhood, and the coaches immediately noted that the she had a bright future and incredible perseverance. Perhaps part of the role was played by her older sister, who also progressed in sports. The competitive spirit captured Serena so much that she signed up for a professional tournament at the age of 8 but lost to her sister.

Already in 1997, the she amazed the world with her skills and began to defeat experienced professional tennis players, including Monica Seles and Mary Pierce.

In 1998, Williams was already considered a tennis star. This year, she won the Wimbledon Championship, considered the most well-known and anticipated event. Until the beginning of the 21st century, Serena had won many high-class tournaments, demonstrating her talents and perseverance.

In 2000, she had several wins but lost to her sister in the semi-finals of Wimbledon. It’s fantastic that the rivalry didn’t affect Serena and Venus’ relationship in any way, as they’ve been incredibly close all these years.

An Injury and Further Career

In 2003, Serena was injured, which forced her to leave the sport for a while. The absence was short, but several worthy rivals appeared during this time. Until 2008, the she had numerous injuries and only a few victories. After that, she to round into form again and returned to the leading lines. Not only were tennis fans happy about it: bonus casino and wagering fans were also delighted with the return of Serena. And it’s understandable as she was often the favorite during the biggest events. From that moment, a new round of Serena’s career began, and she began demonstrating her talents to fans.


Serena is a fantastic athlete: during her absence from the court, the star dropped to the 95th line of famous tennis players. However, she did not lose heart and regained fame and popularity with her numerous victories and spectacular game. Nowadays, she has multiple advertising contracts and her clothing line as well. She has also dabbled in the field of acting, and several minor roles revealed the tennis player from a new side.

Serena also has had voiceovers in movies: “Avatar: The Last Airbender” became one of her most famous works.

Williams also actively fights against discrimination. Throughout her career as an athlete, she has spoken out against sexism and racism in sports. Despite the end of her career, Williams is still a legend who forever inscribed his name in history.

And we are confident that we will see more of her achievements in other fields in the future.


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