This year’s Wimbledon action was delayed on Day Three by what The Sun newspaper described as an apocalyptic downpour. Somewhat melodramatic, granted, but weather can play havoc with a tennis tournament – especially when that tournament takes place somewhere with so unpredictable a climate as the UK.  

That’s just one advantage of following a virtual tennis tournament or match instead of a real one. Virtual tennis works along similar lines to the virtual football and horse racing games that are already popular at online casinos. Let’s find out more about it.  

What is virtual tennis? 

There are a few virtual tennis games out there from developers such as Leap Software and Playtech. They all work along similar principles and you’ll usually find that the best casino platforms allow you the option to play just for fun, so you can get to know the game before risking any real money on it. Once you know where to find the best casino reviews, finding a good virtual tennis game to try is simple! 

The game looks at a glance like coverage of a real tennis match or tournament. Both the Playtech and the Leap virtual tennis games have impressive graphics, and it’s just like watching a real game in action. When the game is over, payouts are made to those who backed a winner, and then it’s a short countdown to the next match.  

Virtual tennis games give you all the wagering opportunities you have in real tennis. That is, you can back the winner of a specific game or an overall tournament. There is also a choice of different types of wagers. So instead of predicting the winner, there are options such as whether the current game will go to deuce, what will be the exact score and so on.   

Deciding a winner 

Virtual tennis is so realistic, it’s easy to over complicate it. The result of each point, each game, set and match is determined by the random number generator that powers the game. In other words, trying to predict a winner is ultimately as futile as guessing which symbols will appear on the next spin of the reels when you play a slot game.   

That doesn’t make virtual tennis a bad game. In fact, if you take it for what it is, you could argue that it is more entertaining than conventional tennis themed casino games like Centre Court or Tennis Stars. The important thing is to remember that this really is a game of chance. Whatever you think you might know about Alcaraz’s drop shots or Barty’s backhand, it’s not going to help you here, so play the game accordingly.  

Virtual sport for the win 

There have been moments in the recent strange times when virtual sport has stood in for the real thing. Under normal conditions, it’s no substitute for watching real people with real skills and human frailties. But for a fun distraction while the rain falls outside, it is definitely worth a try.  


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