Top Tennis Players Who Love to Wager

published: May, 12, 2022

by: TC Staff

Many athletes that we know love to wager because it is a very convenient way to relieve stress, have fun, and even win a decent amount of money. This is also true about professional tennis players, who adore thrill and risk. What is more, athletes are known to be very competitive people, and wagering does offer something special to them. If a person is not into wagering and has no idea of where to wager and what games to play, then one can safely go to OnlineCasinoGo to find a decent online casino venue.   

Wagering in the World of Professional Tennis

In the world of athletics, it is hard to find a person who does not enjoy playing games of chance. However, for some, it is not as easy to admit their favorite sport of chance. Many of the athletes who have been crowned world champions at the casino have been very well known at the sports level. At the same time, many other casino sports wagerers, like sportspeople who have been very successful in the casino and earned large sums of money in wagering, have gone down in the history of the sport, but are much less known. Here are some of the top-known tennis players who are very passionate about wagering games.

#1 – Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal is one of the most incredible clay-court tennis players of all time. He has won the French Open thirteen times, the Monte Carlo event eleven times, and he has claimed the Hamburg, Barcelona and Madrid titles as well. He won the 2008 Olympic title in singles and has won 91 career, and 21 Majors overall. 

Nadal completed the Grand Slam and Golden Slam Career becoming the youngest tennis player in the Open Era to complete this feat, having won all 4 Majors and the Olympic title by the age of 24 years. Apart from the above list of awards, there are still many professional achievements that the sportsman can boast of.

Apart from his true dedication to the sport, Nadal is also known to have enjoyed his time with online wagering. Of course, tennis remains his main focus, but he also does play online roulette or poker from time to time. He was even observed playing against professional poker player Vanessa Selbst and was a brand ambassador for gambling platforms.

#2 – David Benyamine

The name David Benyamine is hardly familiar to those who have just lately begun to watch tennis. However, those who watch poker tournaments are extremely familiar with David.

You will be pleasantly surprised that Benyamine, who is a professional poker player today, began his career as an athlete. 

He was a tennis player from France who had to retire due to a shoulder injury. When the door of playing tennis closed for Benyamine, he began to try his luck and card games and  notably poker.

Most people forget that Benyamine began his career as a tennis player. In fact, his sports career allowed Benyamine to achieve great success in wagering. And he is still active in this avenue today.

#3 – Jimmy Connors

Connors is a living icon and a former number one tennis player from the United States. He is also known for spending his time wagering from time to time. And although online wagering sites were not yet a thing while he was in his heyday, he most certainly gave them a chance once his tennis career was completed.

That said, Connors has been well-known to spend millions on wagering, and he even authored a book on his love of casino games. Connors remains one of the biggest competitors the game of tennis has ever seen. The American won eight Majors and holds 109 singles titles as well. A record on the men’s side.

Final Say!

Professional athletes are just like ordinary people. They have the same interests, ways to relax, and recharge their batteries. That said, some ways players like to unwind can include playing video games, vacationing and wagering. Win or lose, it’s all about enjoying the game. If you want to try your luck at wagering from any country, including Canada, then this option may be for you.

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