For any fan of tennis and Wimbledon, the most exciting part of the year is looking at the tennis betting odds in anticipation of The Championships, especially this prestigious Grand Slam. 

Wimbledon has been giving us great moments in history since 1877. We have seen countless epic matches over the years come out of Wimbledon, but some truly iconic moments really stand out.

Moments we won’t soon Forget

There are many moments that have happened at Wimbledon we will never forget. Some recent moments have amazed us, and it is like tennis is getting evermore intense. However, let’s remember the 10 most iconic moments in the history of Wimbledon. 

  • 1975- Ashe Vs Connors 

Connors was a favorite to win in this game, being 10 years younger than Ashe. Connor has also beaten Ashe in every meet before this. When it came to the finals, of course, Connor was the favorite to win. 

But Ashe bested the odds. He defied all odds against him and beat Connors, he recovered in the final set.

  • 1980- Borg Vs McEnroe

Borg and McEnroe had quite the famous rivalry which came to be epitomized in the 1980 final. 

When both players won their semi-finals, everyone was glued to see what would happen. The climax happened in the fourth set tie-breaker, ending 18-16. 

But Borg hit well and came through with victory making history and winning the title for the fifth time consecutively.

  • 1981- McEnroe Vs Gullikson

McEnroe was like the bad boy of tennis, he was very entertaining to watch, best known for his art on the court. 

However, some of his most amazing moments were in tantrums, when he faced Gullikson in ‘81,  he was called out and started shouting at the umpire. 

He provided the most infamous catchphrase in tennis history on this day.

  • 1985- Becker Vs Curren

Becker was only 17 when he beat Kevin Curren, becoming a record beater. He beat Bjorn Borg, and Wilfred Baddeley’s records for being the youngest ever Championship winner. 

Becker made his route to the final, alongside other top seeds. He beat Ivan Lendl in straight sets in the finals.

  • 1990- Garrison Vs Navratilova 

In her career, Martina Navratilova won 18 Grand Slam titles. She made most of her titles from 1982 until 1987, when the tennis courts were filled with some of the biggest names in the game. 

She beat Graf to win her sixth title consecutively, then beat her five times over in the Wimbledon finals. 

  • 2001- Sampras Vs Federer 

At this point Federer was only 19 years old, he had never gone beyond the 3rd round in a Grand Slam tournament. Sampras had 13 Grand Slams, and 7 Wimbledon titles to his name. 

Federer somehow beat Sampras in an astonishing show of skill. The crowd was up in arms as Federer fell to his knees in celebration of this unprecedented victory.

  • 2008- Nadal Vs Federer

Years later, Nadal had already beaten Federer in many meets by 2008. However, he had never beaten him on grass. 

Federer was hoping to win six in a row, having already won five championships, it was looking promising. 

However, no one was prepared for the masterpiece that happened. It was without a doubt the grandest Wimbledon final ever. 

  • 2010- Mahut Vs Isner

This was the longest match ever recorded in Wimbledon. It went on for two days, lasting 11:05 hours. 

The last set ended 70-68, lasting over 8 hours! 

980 points as well as 183 games were played over this entire match. 

We are unlikely to see anything of this ilk ever again.

  • 2013- Murray vs Djokovic 

Murray was the first Brit to reach the Wimbledon finals since 1938, yet he was undone by Federer. However, in 2013 he returned, Murray made his way to the final easily and would face Djokovic. 

The match took three hours, and Murray defeated Djokovic in straight sets to become the first Brit to win in Wimbledon for an astounding 76 years! 

For many British fans, this moment will not be forgotten any time soon, and Andy Murry will go down in history. 

  • 2017- Cilic Vs Federer

As our most recent addition to this list, it is nothing too special. Federer won easily against Cilic in three sets, but this was his most significant title of all as it was his 8th. This meant he became the only man to win a total 8 Wimbledon titles. 

He also became the oldest singles champion of this time as well. As well as many other achievements, this year was a big one for Federer.


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