Ever since the inception of tennis as a sport, there have been countless tennis players that have rocked at the highest stages of the game. Many of which had a host of die-hard fans who were willing to go to the end of the world for them. This certainty is why it was easy for online betting sites to amass swift success when tennis betting was introduced. These fans were willing to bet their hard-earned money on their favorite players, and with the introduction of tennis betting apps, they could quickly get the activity done. Unlike back in the days when they would have to locate a physical betting shop that could allow them to place bets on their beloved tennis players. 

Over the years, there have been different generations of exceptional players that have won the hearts of many globally. Sadly, some tennis players had the prospect of getting to the pinnacle of the game, but for various reasons, they could not achieve their dreams. A perfect example of such people is Brian Baker, a man destined for absolute greatness in tennis but had his career cut short due to constant injuries. Brian Baker had an outstanding record at the beginning of his career, so much that he was tipped to become one of the best tennis players of all time. 

After winning the reputable Orange Ball competition in 2002, Brian went on to have an incredible performance in the 2003 Roland Garros Boys tournament. He defeated notable players such as Marcos Baghdatis, Sergiy Stakhovsy, and Jo-Wilfried Tsonga before losing to Stan Wawrinka in the competition’s final. Shortly after, Brian Baker clinched his first-ever Challenger title at the ATP Denver Challenger in 2004 when he was only 19 years old. This competition was the last one that Brian enjoyed thoroughly before his injury crisis began to abound. 

The first injury case happened in the 2005 U.S Open tournament after Brian had recorded a remarkable victory against Gaston Gaudio, who was rated No. 9 at the time. This victory was supposed to announce Brian Baker to the world of tennis as a serious contender for the top position. Unfortunately, his run was short-lived by the hip injury that required him to undergo multiple surgeries. From that moment, Baker kept racking up different injuries and had to undergo several surgeries. 

This hindrance to his career went on for about four years or more, but Baker had the chance to recuperate, and he didn’t fail to try again. He made his comeback in 2011 at the Futures event in Pittsburgh, and luckily for him, he won the title. Brian went on to win another Futures and Challenger title in 2012. Everything looked to be back on track for the exceptional tennis player, as he had quite an impressive year all around, reaching the final of the ATP Nice Open and the fourth round of the Wimbledon Championships. 

All these achievements made his ranking go as high as 52 at the time, but all came crashing down when he became injured again in 2013. Ever since this injury, he has not been able to find his feet in the world of tennis anymore. Brian Baker’s story is sad, especially for those who have watched him play during his glory days, as they all know what kind of talent he has and how much potential he had but couldn’t fulfill. 


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