Top Tennis Players Most People Wager On

published: Jan, 26, 2022

by: TC Staff

Tennis is definitely among the top 5 most popular sports when it comes to viewers, but what about sports wagering? Even with such massive popularity, sports wagerers prefer other sports, simply because tennis matches can last for hours. In other words, there is just too much anticipation and struggle through a single match which makes it less dynamic compared to basketball.

Still, there is a massive player base that gambles on tennis and they often use online casino websites to place there wagers. This way they can play some other casino games while they wait for the match to be over, and pass the time. Moreover, they can claim different bonuses which might be used to place sports wagers, it really depends on the operator.  

This is a good way to pass the time, especially if the match is too painful to watch. Tennis is the game of endurance, speed, precision and most importantly will power. Here we will go over some tips for tennis wagering and also talk about the most popular players that you can wager on right now. 

Why is Wagering on Tennis so Tricky?

Unlike in many other sports, there are no replacements in Tennis, so if someone sustains an injury the match is as good as over. This makes it really unpredictable. This is why it’s really important to follow what is going on before placing a wager, and if someone is recovering from a recent injury then that player definitely has a disadvantage. Meaning, viewing the top charts, and seeing the odds on wagering sites, doesn’t necessarily help you. 

Also, tennis players train like crazy, and younger players are able to close the gap between them and pros a lot faster nowadays. So, at the start of each year, it’s hard to tell how much has changed. So with all of this in mind, we will go over the top tennis players in the world and speculate on whether it makes sense for you to wager on them based on their current popularity. 

Novak Djokovic

Novak is currently player number one, and that goes for both titles and the number of points that he has. In fact, he is the greatest of all times, so it’s only natural that he is a popular pick for the wagerers. It’s safe to say there was a lot of disappointment when the Australian government decided to deport him, even after the court allowed him to stay in the country and participate in the Australian Open. However, does this mean that you should always wager on Novak when he plays? 

Well, not entirely. Currently, there are younger players who are rising stars in this world, and some of them might have an upper hand depending on the terrain. Novak did not perform that well in the Tokyo Olympics, mainly because there is not enough downtime between matches for him to fully recover his stamina, which only shows that age plays a huge role in this sport. 

Daniil Medvedev

Daniil Medvedev is a younger player from Russia, and he is currently second on the list when it comes to points. This is a good example of a rising star, and he is a very popular choice for the punters. So for the year 2022, it makes a lot of sense to put your money on Medvedev. That being said his win-loss ratio tells a different story, and simply more matches are needed in order to truly ascertain his capabilities.  

Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal is another pro player who has won almost as many titles as Novak. He is also slightly older than Novak, which will play a role in his future matches, as he is also at his limit. That being said, Nadal is still seen as a safe choice for wagering, but this time around you should check his match history against each opponent and see who he performed in those specific matchups. It’s also worth pointing out that Nadal is still regarded as a king of clay, so if the match is on a clay court he will have the edge.

Roger Federer

Roger Federer will always be popular no matter what, as he is one of the highest-paid athletes in the world. He is in his 40s though and much more selective about the tournaments. Meaning he won’t always be an option. He has an impressive win rating, and he is most comfortable when playing on a grass court. He might not be as agile and tireless as before but still possess great fitness and precision. So much like with Nadal, you should view his match history with a specific player before deciding whether to bet on him or not.


These are some of the popular tennis players that punters support, and all of them are incredible players. Just remember to follow their matches closely and to take things like injury and match history into consideration, before betting. Hopefully, you found the information provided here useful.  

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