In partnership with Michael Reynolds of The Modern Warrior Tennis Academy we have created Thirty30 Tennis International for T30 Tennis, a very exciting concept.

The Vision and the Mission

Our goals and objectives are to create for tennis what the IPL Cricket has done for cricket. We are going to be the T30 of tennis, and we are doing it on a global basis. We are doing this in two structures: Physical Competitions and Virtual Reality. For Virtual Reality we are in a joint venture with VRML Tennis Esports. Whatever we create for the physical will be done in virtual on the VRML platform.

We have created a unique and highly innovative global competition model, using the Thirty30 Tennis scoring format and a structure similar to the T20 IPL Cricket.

They will have a pyramid structure with Top Professional Teams at the top going to Inter Continental, Country, City, and Club. There will be Junior and Adult identical models.

The competition structure will be Mixed Gender based teams in a League and knockout format. We will add a wheelchair component as well.

There will be very substantial prize money in all competitions.

We also want to introduce a unique and innovative ownership model whereby the players will be able to have a significant role in the running of the whole concept which we have called T30TI to be known in the future as T30.

There will also be a significant role for coaches, and the introduction of The Martial Art Way of Tennis, that will not only create a whole paradigm shift in the game, but will take the game both long and short into a whole new dimension, and will give coaches and teachers an opportunity to create a whole new meaning and understanding to coaching life and business.

We want to unlock the game at all levels, especially from the junior level. We want it to be affordable and believe the children are our future and they get the necessary skills to be that future whether that be in the Thirty30 format or the traditional game, and also give skills for life.

The IPL cricket concept has done more for that sport than in any other sport, we want to bring that opportunity to tennis, and let it be shared with all who would like to participate in a positive way to create a better and more equitable sport set against the highest ethical and moral standards.

Watch this space.

Mark J Milne, Creator of Thirty30 Tennis, Arbroath, Scotland


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