Tennis is one of the best pastimes you could ever hope to engage with. However, this article covers exactly why tennis shouldn’t be your only pastime and gives a couple others to consider.

Why Tennis is Such a Great Pastime

There are a hundred and one reasons why tennis is such a brilliant sport to engage with as a regular pastime. However, there is only space in this article to cover a couple of those reasons.

Health Benefits. One of the biggest reasons to give tennis a go is that it is absolutely fantastic for your health. Running around the court, smashing the ball to try and ace your serve, diving to get the ball back across to your opponent. There are very few sports that engage the same range of motions and skills as tennis does, and none that do it in the same way. That means that there is probably nothing that will be quite so good for you as tennis is.

Friendly Competition. Not only does tennis give you a great opportunity to get together with your friends in a social context, but it also allows you to engage in friendly competition with them. Competitions like these are brilliant for a plethora of reasons, not least of which is that they will bring out the best in you as an athlete. Competing against someone you are comfortable with will push you to do your best, to show them what you can really do, and in turn, you will bring that same effort out of them. This is good for both of you in terms of skill development and health.

The Importance of Variety

While tennis is a brilliant hobby and a great way to spend your time, one of the most important things you can develop in your life is a variety of pastimes. Variety keeps life interesting and allows you to feel genuine enjoyment and novelty in pursuing your pastimes. So, in order to keep the things that you love fresh, it is worthwhile to build up multiple hobbies that you enjoy.

Other Hobbies to Engage With

Fortunately, there is seemingly no end to the number of possible hobbies that you might like to engage with. Below are a couple of the many, many hobbies that you might want to consider pursuing as pastimes.

Gaming. Video games are one of the best options for a casual pastime that you will likely be able to enjoy regardless of the amount of time you put into it. This is because it takes very little effort to enjoy playing a video game; after all, the amount of time that it takes to learn how to play blackjack at is almost ridiculously small when compared to the time it takes to, say, learn how to crochet effectively.

Mountaineering. If you’re looking for another sporty pastime, then mountaineering could be a great way to spend your time. Rock climbing, hiking, skiing, all of these activities end up involved in mountaineering, and the adventure of climbing a mountain makes it one of the most exciting pastimes you could ever imagine.


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