Tennis Wagering: Online Tips for Beginners

published: Sep, 05, 2021

by: TC Staff

With the offering of online sportsbooks, you can now legally and safely place wagers on your favorite sports using your mobile devices or tablets. Many sports fans around the world have favorite teams or sports that they follow closely and they can place wagers using knowledge and experience that can lead to some great payouts. While most will be familiar with sports like football, baseball, and basketball, tennis wagering is also quite popular online.

If you are new to sports wagering and want to place wagers on tennis matches and top tournaments, we provide some useful tips. With these, even the newest wagerer can begin to place wagers and have some great opportunities to collect returns as they wager on the greatest players and events in the game.

Know the Playing Surface

One thing that plays an important role in how players perform is the surface they are playing on. If you are preparing to wager on tennis games, be sure you know the surface and also be aware of how players have played on that surface in the past. For example, the matches at Wimbledon are played on grass and this is beneficial for players with big serves and those who excel in a serve-and-volley game.

Clay surfaces will offer an advantage to players who like to stand at the baseline. The clay will slow the speed of big serves and can provide players with a bit more time to react. Knowing the surface and how players tend to play their game will be very beneficial when you choose your tennis wagers online.

Hedging Wagers

If you are a new punter and want to get a good start with online tennis betting, wager hedging is a great strategy. Hedging will help to prevent any large losses on wagers and it basically means that you will be wagering in a way so that you will not lose too much if something goes wrong during a match. With hedge wagers, you will be wagering on the opposite side to reduce your risks and earn a profit. 

Hedging wagers is a great way for beginners to reduce losses. As you become more familiar with online wagering and strategies, you can use hedge wagering when placing larger wagers and will often enjoy some great returns. When using this strategy, you will always want to wager on sports like tennis, which have two possible outcomes.

Keep an Eye on Stats

The best wagering sites will offer a page that is dedicated to player stats. Here, you can find updated statistics that will help you plan your wagers and place wagers with the right information. Stats will tell you how players have performed in the past and will also offer information on any injuries that can affect gameplay. If you are good with numbers, having access to stats will provide you with an edge when wagering. 

While statistics do play an important role in wagering, do not rely on these solely when choosing wagers. You always have to consider other things, including court surfaces, weather, opponents’ stats, injuries, and current odds. The sportsbook you choose will always offer updated odds and will provide you with  a variety of bets that can be placed, so you will also have to take some time to learn about the most popular tennis wagers, which include:

  • Moneylines
  • Spread wagers
  • Proposition wagers
  • Teasers
  • Futures
  • In-play wagers
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