With the pandemic still at large many professions around the world have suffered unimaginable losses. Social distancing required that all sports events be cancelled, causing a series of issues that needed resolving. The cancellation of sports events started an avalanche of events that no one could have forecasted.

With the exception of eSport, the entire sports industry suffered during the pandemic. And the ones who suffered the most were the players. Most people think of sports players as quite wealthy, and therefore don’t realize that the entire sports industry is made of both big leagues and minor ones. Of course this means that there are those players who haven’t suffered financially during the pandemic, but also those who haven’t been that fortunate.

Among those who have been experiencing great financial difficulties are also lower-ranked tennis players. Realizing the gravity of the situation that they are in, different tennis associations in Canada decided to offer a helping hand.

Who is exactly helping them?

Some time after the pandemic started and people around the world began realizing that the situation wouldn’t get any better any time soon, they joined forces to find solutions for the most endangered people in order to help them out.

That is how the Tennis Association in Canada started discussing all the possible ways in which they could help out the players who were counting on tournaments to bring food to the table. And while they’re still dwelling on this topic, Canada’s National Bank was quicker to act. Reportedly, Canada’s National Bank has made a plan to fund all 23 players
from the country and ensure their financial stability.

How will the players get the help?

People around the world are experiencing great losses due to the current pandemic situation. Even though the social distancing made us spend more time at home and explore virtual entertainment in Canadian online casino for real money, it doesn’t change the fact that numerous people were left without any form of income. So, it comes as no
surprise that a great number of lower-ranked tennis players have also been affected by the current situation.

Therefore the only real way to help them was to offer them a financial security plan. Canadian National Bank will give out grants of $10,000 to $20,000 Canadian dollars to players, and the amount will depend on their current ranking.

Is every registered tennis player going to be funded?

Canada’s National Bank decided that the funds will go to three categories of players:

– Singles
– Doubles
– ATP junior rankings
– ITF wheelchair

In order for tennis players who play singles to be qualified for this funding, they must be ranked between 100 and 750 on the ATP list. When it comes to doubles, they must be ranked between the 25th and 100th place.

As for the ATP junior rankings, the funding will go to all players ranked in the top 100. And lastly, the Top 50 ITF wheelchair tennis players will be also given additional funds due to the pandemic situation.

Has the government of Canada helped in any way?

This funding was mostly based on the general policy of Canada to help out its citizens during these dire times. As such, lower-ranked tennis players were not left unprotected.

Once again Canada has proven itself as one of the most socially responsible countries in the world, by not letting the tennis association go through all these troubles alone.


Not all tennis players are equally successful and wealthy. But this doesn’t mean that those who are ranked lower on the list aren’t important and should be ignored in times of crisis.

Due to an effective and quick reaction by the Canadian government and Canada’s National Banks, lower-ranking tennis players were financially secured during the pandemic.

It’s not only the most famous players who make the sports industry what it is. Every individual has an important role in the sports industry. And Canada has shown that their contribution to Canadian tennis is greatly respected.


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