Junior tennis involves players under the age of 18 participating in matches. As the sport is a widely played game in the world, it comes as no surprise that youth can get very interested in the activity. In the United States, kids as young as 6 play junior tennis. Although the minimum age for participating in a junior tournament has been set at 8.

Juvenile athletes need to compete in various matches before the aspiring tennis players can progress to an official division. Many professional sportsmen have begun their careers as junior athletes, participating in various official tournaments. In Europe, should a teenage sports player wish to try their skills in the ITF Junior matches, they need to previously have shown good results in various tournaments. It is worth noting, that the ITF selects junior players based on the year of birth and not on the official age. Famous tennis athletes, such as Andre Agassi and Pete Sampras, have joined professional leagues at a much younger age of 16. Participating in the junior sport tournaments can thus be an excellent path for young aspiring players to nurture their skills and join the professional league. Sponsorship is available for the aspiring athletes. This article will describe various options for obtaining funding for the junior tennis players.

Getting sponsorship from an organization

There are professional organizations that provide funding for junior tennis athletes, such as Babolat and Dunlop Sports. These sports apparel companies cater to the tennis market and are thus interested in funding qualified and promising future professional athletes. Babolat, for example, has been known to apply a grass roots approach to the sportsmen. The company has professional athletes in the Babolat team, with many of the players having been approached in there junior years. In order to receive sponsorship from the French company, the first thing to do is apply for it. Contacting Babolat is easy and it can be done by email. The organization accepts offers from all over the world and has a global presence. Information to include in the letter should contain rankings and match results of the aspiring young athlete. And for applying for this sponsorship you have to write an application essay using help from Grab My Essay. Information to include in the letter should contain rankings and match results of the aspiring young athlete.

Further, videos of tournaments, clubs where the player has trained and projects undertaken should all be included in the letter. Babolat mentions that the company seeks young sportsmen that are going to represent the brand well. Hence player rankings and tournament performance are just one side of the equation. Getting funding for a junior tennis player is also about building a relationship with the parent company. The ability for team work and play can be pivotal when seeking out for sponsorship. Junior tennis ambassadors of Babolat can be as young as 9. But on average the athlete’s age is between 12 and 35.

Another company that offers junior sponsorship is Dunlop Sports. The organization provides the user with an online application form. The aspiring juvenile tennis player has to submit their details, together with their national and international rankings. Ratings can be important for evaluating a young sportsman’s future performance when on sponsorship. Dunlop also has two tennis academies that accept juvenile athletes. One is located in Europe and the other in the United States. Coaching can be very important for nurturing the skills of a teenage player.

Participating in the academies or hiring a professional coach can be a path to sponsorship. Although juvenile athletes must beware that it is in the sponsor’s interest to generate as much revenue from the matches as possible. Hence the athlete may be under heavy strain when they are funded. Combining sport with school is important. Finding a right balance between education and the training for championships is also a must. Should a young aspiring player have difficulties securing funding from major companies, they can perform self promotion and try to crowdfund their games. It is thus advised to participate in as many tennis tournaments as possible.

Finding additional sources of funding for an athlete

Should the player want to try alternative sources of revenue, they can try obtaining a sponsorship from online crowdfunding campaigns. Playing the game from a very young age, participating in tournaments, having a solid winning record and being able to generate quality play are all important for online sponsorship.

As the case of a 12 year old Amelia Bissett shows, there are sponsorship options offered online from crowdfunding sources. is one of the possible revenue sources that juvenile athletes can seek out. GBP10 can be pledged to support Amelia, GBP20 to receive a signed tennis ball and GBP1600 to simply sponsor the young champion. Amelia has managed to obtain a solid track record playing the sport and has won a number of championships. She is currently advertised as Britain’s number two tennis player.

Self-promotion can thus be very important to obtain sponsorship from crowdfunding sources. This form of revenue comes from multiple individual sponsors, each dedicating a small amount of cash to support the juvenile player. Some of the best betting websites will allow wagering cash on low-level tennis tournaments, such as category 1 ITF, with junior athletes competing. As there are plenty of similar matches held across the world, taking part in them can be a first good step to a professional career as a tennis player. Having a good reputation and high rankings can greatly improve a teenage athlete’s chances of obtaining crowdfunding support.

Portals, such as Rallyme, Pursuit, SportFunder and others, are just some of the sources of funding that the online sponsorship community can offer. Parents of aspiring juvenile athletes should thus know that allowing their children to practice the sport from a young age can make a huge difference in their careers. Stellar track record and good championship rankings can let a junior player obtain solid sponsorship from a crowdfunding campaign.


Tennis is an extremely elegant and professional sport. There are plenty of different variables that account for game performance. Many teenage athletes are pulled into the game, with some developing stellar records and climbing to the top of the ladder. Sponsorship for these junior champions can be acquired from official organizations and from crowdfunding sources.

Both of these options can greatly support a junior athlete and help them make a career in
professional tennis.


  1. has to look for sponsorship in india even proves number 2 position all over india Girls U18
    when u all giving sponsorship when her father got frustrated and left the tennis forever and india loosing one best player
    i dont know what will happen as far as indian tennis is concern

    for 1 gold medal india is starving ……………

  2. I have won 8 nationals (AITA)
    and have been 5 times finalist in nationals also (aita). In INDIA ,Tamil nadu.

    Can I get sponsor or scholarship


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