Tennis is a kind of racket sport that can be played by two players against each other, or a pair of players against another pair of players. The players are required to hit the ball, passing over the net onto their opponent’s court. The goal is to receive the ball from your opponent successfully while making it hard for them to do the same.

Tennis is one of the sports that bettors love to place a wager on. The advancements in modern technology only made this more convenient and seamless because of the emergence of online platforms that allow them to do so. If you are curious about tennis wagering, below are some of the things that you need to know.

Where You Can Place Your Bets

In the past, you needed to get in touch with a bookmaker to place your wager, but nowadays, you can leverage online platforms to do so. You can either use your computer to access a web-based browser or install a mobile app on your smartphone or tablet. In terms of the latter, the betting enthusiasts behind suggest that you go for the best mobile betting apps that will ensure an ultimate gambling experience. Aside from a sports betting feature, the best apps will also provide you with an opportunity to play your favorite casino games.

Types of Wager That You Can Make

There are different types of wager that you can make when it comes to tennis. Some of these include the moneyline, game and set spread, as well as the over/under.

  • Moneyline. One of the most popular ways to bet on tennis is by playing the moneyline, just like in baseball or hockey. In this case, you are wagering on a player to win the match. For instance, in a match between Rafa Nadal and Roger Federer, Nadal has a -120 moneyline on Federer. This means that you need to pay $120 to win $100 if Nadal wins.
  • Game Spread. Another wager type that is common in tennis is the game spread, which is a good way to level the playing field. To cover the spread, a favorite player needs to win a certain number of games before you win a bet.
  • Set Spread. The set spread is similar to the game spread wherein the playing field is leveled. However, instead of betting on the games, you will be betting on the sets.
  • Over/Under. This type of wager involves betting on the number of games in a match.

Aside from the wager types stated above, there are still more betting options for you to explore such as the futures, live betting, as well as props.

In conclusion, if you opt to place your bets online, make sure that you engage only with the reputable ones, regardless if you leverage web-based browsers or mobile apps. Aside from this, it is also a good idea to explore the types of tennis wagers that you can make to maximize your betting funds. The key is in betting responsibly for you to enjoy the entire experience.


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