Reviewing Nick Kyrgios and Naomi Oaska’s All New Yonex EZONE 98 305g

published: Feb, 13, 2020

by: Nima Naderi


The choice of two-time Major winner Naomi Osaka and powerful Australian Nick Kyrgios, the all-new Yonex EZONE 98 305g brings forth the perfect blend power and stability.

Providing a more dampened feel compared with his predecessor the Yonex EZONE DR, the Yonex EZONE 98 in 305g remains one of the most user-friendly rackets on the market. Updated with a slightly stiffer index of 64, the generous sweet spot felt great on forehands and backhands from the baseline as well as on approach shots and net play.

Highlighted in a unique 16×19 string pattern, the Yonex EZONE 98 provides endless spin and angles for a variety of different game-styles. We will say that the dampened feel does require a tad more racket head speed to create depth per shot, but if you’re a player that strings at a lower tension, then the updated dampened feel will not make a difference in your game.

The slightly wider sweet spot allows for cleaner strikes even when a ball is hit off center and that will always be a positive when facing a challenging serve. That said, returns where hit deep on a consistent basis with the stock version of the racket, even when lead tape was not added to the sides of the frame.

New tech advancements to the Yonex EZONE 98 include a Liner Tech system, which aides in reducing string on frame friction for extra comfort and power. This new addition to the EZONE francise was really noticed when returning hard-hit topspin shots from the baseline.

Intent on improving the stability and flex of the frame, Yonex was successful in adding M40X to the throat. This strong graphite material adds an even more stable ride to this frame.

Serving and volleying continues to remain the highlighted characteristic of Yonex frames. The EZONE 98 held up very well in this category as spin and flat serves where hit with ease and touch volleys were made on a consistent basis.

To summarize, the EZONE 98 is best suited toward intermediate to advanced players, but remains one of the few performance frames on the market that can be used by a player new to the sport.

To purchase the latest Yonex EZONE 98, please visit the following stores:

Tennis Giant (Canada)

Tennis Warehouse (USA)

Tennis Warehouse Europe


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