Tsitsipas Stuns Zverev at Rogers Cup; Nadal, Anderson and Khachanov Advance to Semifinals

published: Aug, 10, 2018

by: Nima Naderi

Rogers Cup—Toronto, Canada

Quarterfinal results:

(1) Rafael Nadal Defeats (6) Marin Cilic 26 64 64
Stefanos Tsitsipas Defeats (2) Alexander Zverev 36 76(11) 64
(4) Kevin Anderson Defeats (5) Grigor Dimitrov 62 62
Karen Khachanov Defeats Robin Haase 63 61

Nima Naderi


Founder and Creative Director of TennisConnected.com. He has over 25 years of coaching experience and is an award winning coach with the PTR. Nima has written articles for the ATPWorldTour.com, TennisCanada.com, TennisViewMagazine and Tennis Pro Magazine. He is also the co-host of the TennisConnected PodCast, the Operations Director for Premium Court and the Tournament Director for the Caribbean Cup Tennis Series.

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7 thoughts on “NikeCourt US OPEN 2018 Collection

  1. I wish Shapo and K Edmund would dump Nike. The Australian Open pink was the most horrific stuff I have ever seen. Are the designers stoned when they put this stuff together?

    Now they want the guys with fair skin to wear this yellow-orange garbage? they look like crap. Sales have got to be way way down.

  2. Is Nike just lazy these days? Simona Halep is the #1 player on the WTA and she is still not given her own kit. Meanwhile, the likes of Stephens, Dimitrov, and Bouchard all get their own kits. That makes not one shred of sense. Bouchard is ranked outside the top 100, and she’s not even getting paid by Nike anymore. Dimitrov has been a trainwreck this season. Halep has been the most consistent player on the WTA and she’s won a GS. It is a total disrespect to her to have her lumped in wearing the same outfits as almost every other player with Nike. She is the #1 player in the world and it’s about time she gets treated like it by her clothing company.

  3. I know there’s been some mixed reviews on this line but honestly Nike can never win. If they feature Halep it’s why isn’t Serena featured. If they feature simple clothing, it’s boring. If it’s too flashy, it’s tacky. I think they made good choices here and the line will do well.

  4. What would stop them from featuring both? Serena is the legend, obviously, but Halep is not some scrub player. There are players who haven’t done nearly as much, like Dimitrov, and most notably Bouchard, and they’re getting their own kits. Bouchard isn’t even getting paid by Nike anymore because her results are so bad. But the world #1 has to wear the same thing that lower-ranked Nike players have to wear? That is an insult.

  5. Well first off Halep will have her own look within the Team line but I see your point. These decisions are made well in advance and there are other factors clearly than just results that go into who Nike supports and hypes up. That is clear. Otherwise Bouchard and even Dimitrov as-of-late wouldn’t be on the map for them. I’m not justifying anything. I’m just telling you how the business works because I know many members of NikeCourt.

  6. Hahaha, What are all you lot freeing out about? I’m not one to comment on things like this, but I just feel like I need to point something out since I actually have eyes and work for Nike. You’re all freaking out about Sloane, Genie, and others having their own kits when in fact they don’t. If you look at what they will be wearing, you’ll see that it’s the same as what all the others will be wearing. They may get to choose different colors for their shirt or shorts, but most players have that option (take a look at Khachanov for example). There are only four players that have their own specific kits, Rafa, Serena, and Sharapova, and possible the new addition of Juan Martin. Grigor has chosen to wear different shirts from other players over the past few years, but they’re actually from Nike’s general line of Tennis Court styles. It seems he just likes to stand out so he goes for the different, and might I add, cheaper option of clothing. Anyways, that’s my two pence.

  7. Thanks for the comment, Sebastian. I couldn’t agree more. With Federer gone from the Nike rotation now, it will be interesting to see where NikeCourt turns to in the coming years.

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