Wagering on tennis: how to develop a strategy based on blackjack

published: Feb, 05, 2024

by: TC Staff

The results of matches in tennis are not so easy to predict. The luck factor and equal in strength opponents often do not give the user a chance to make an accurate prediction. Experts say that it is not necessary to carry out an accurate analysis of a sporting event. Bookmakers customers can use strategies from other gambling games.

Why does the Martingale strategy only work in sports wagering?

Martingale strategy is often used by fans of slot machines and card games. True, this tactic almost never works in online casinos. For example, virtual blackjack gives a chance for a large payout, but the player can increase the wager in 2 times not always. This is what becomes the key to future success.

The essence of the Martingale strategy is that the player after each loss increases the wager two times in the next attempt. If the wager is played, the client of the gambling club will be able to earn and compensate for past losses. In wagering on tennis to realize such a tactic is quite realistic. The player will not have to prepare for the match every time and spend time studying the strength of athletes. Wikipedia describes the principles of this tactic in detail.

The user immediately chooses a market, which includes odds of 2.0. If the prediction does not come true, the next wager should be made on the same odds. However, the amount of the wager should be twice as high. If in the first attempt the client of the bookmaker spent 100 credits, then in the second time the user should wager 200 coins.

The advantage of this strategy is that it is possible to implement this method on any amount. It is especially advantageous when the player has a large budget. In tennis to guess the market with odds of 2.0 is quite realistic from the second or third attempt. Therefore, the client of the bookmaker’s club will not have to increase the size of the qualifying wager to fabulous amounts.

You can test the Martingale strategy on matches of different calibers. These can be both matches from the top competitions, and events from almost amateur leagues. By the way, the lower the level of athletes, the easier it is to make money using the Martingale strategy. The performance of events becomes unpredictable, and therefore there are a large number of marquee wagers that can be guessed almost at the first attempt.

Three additional tips for wagering on tennis

Wagering on sports also requires additional preparation. The user can take new advantages and still not spend too much money. Experts in tennis wagering recommend:

  • Use bookmaker’s bonuses. Each professional bookmaker has its own system of privileges. The main mass of promotions is oriented to beginners. The user receives a gift for the first deposit and can take a freebet. And it will be a no-deposit bonus that does not require replenishment of the account. You can start playing without a budget at all.
  • Follow the opinions of experts. Making a prediction for a tennis match is much easier than for a football event. Here you need to analyze the characteristics of only one athlete. If you don’t have enough experience, you can study information in thematic media or look at statistics on the bookmaker’s website.
  • Play with large sums of money. The more money is on the player’s balance, the better. This means that the player forms a financial reserve. With its help, you can easily implement the Martingale strategy and eventually reach real winnings.

Studying tennis wagering helps to better understand the peculiarities of this sport. In the future, you can move from the Martingale strategy to real predictions that will come with a probability of 100%.

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