Australian Open 2024 prize fund: how much will the best tennis players earn?

published: Jan, 21, 2024

by: TC Staff

2024 australian open

Australian Open organizers have happily announced a $10 million expansion of the prize fund for the 2024 tournament, raising the event’s total prize fund to A$86.5 million. The winners of the men’s and women’s singles will receive $3,150,000 each, with prize money increasing as the rounds progress.

Australian Open Tournament Director, Craig Tiley, said: “We have significantly increased the prize money for each round of the Australian Open, particularly in the qualifying rounds and opening games of singles and doubles. Ensuring that the world’s best players are adequately rewarded is critical to the continued success of the Australian Open, as we recognize that this allows them to invest in their careers and, in many cases, contributes to success throughout the tournament year.”

2024 australian open

Brief information about the tournament, date

The Australian Open, the first of the Grand Slam tournaments, is scheduled for January 14-28, 2024. The tournament will last 15 days, ending on Sunday for the first time, marking a historic moment for the Australian Open. The qualifying rounds for this Major will begin on January 8, 2024, and the main draw participants will be determined by January 11.

The entire tournament, traditionally, will be held on the courts of the Melbourne Park sports complex in Melbourne, Australia. There will be five events at this event: two singles and three doubles for senior players.

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Brief information about the prize pools of the Australian Open 2024

The 2024 Australian Open promises unique changes to prize money, raising the total pool to $86.5 million, up 13% from a year ago. This growth is noticeable at every stage of the competition:

First Round Qualifying Matches. Prize money increased by 20%, reaching $31,250.

Teams of the First Round in Doubles. Prize money increased by 16% to $36,000.

Players of the Main Draw of the First Round of Singles. Earnings increased to $120,000, an increase of 13%.

Exit to the Second Round. Here, the prize money also increased by 13%, reaching $180,000.

Semi-finalists. They will earn $990,000, which is 7% more than the previous figure.

Singles Champions. An impressive $3.15 million will be theirs.

This growth in the Australian Open prize money reflects not only the importance of rewarding top players, but also the tournament’s significant progress over the past two decades. It’s interesting to note that over the past 20 years, the prize pool has more than quadrupled from $19.1 million in 2005 and more than doubled from $40 million in 2015.

2024 Australian Open Singles Prize Fund

The 2024 Australian Open promises incredible prize money for men’s and women’s singles.

Here’s how the prizes are distributed:

Champion: $3,150,000.

Finalist: $1,725,000.

Semifinalist: $990,000.

Quarterfinalist: $600,000.

Round 16: $375,000.

Round 32: $255,000.

Round 64: $180,000.

Round 128: $120,000.

These amounts not only stimulate competition on the court, but also reflect the tournament’s commitment to providing adequate compensation for the world’s best tennis players and female players.

2024 Australian Open Doubles Prize Fund

Here’s how the prizes are distributed for the doubles teams at the tournament:

Champions: $730,000.

Finalists: $400,000.

Semifinalists: $227,500.

Quarterfinalists: $128,000.

Round 16: $75,000.

Round 32: $53,000.

Round 128: $36,000.

2024 Australian Open Mixed Doubles Prize Fund

The 2024 Australian Open presents the mixed doubles prize money and here is the breakdown:

Champions: $165,000.

Finalists: $94,000.

Semifinalists: $50,000.

Quarterfinalists: $26,500.

Round 16: $13,275.

Round 32: $6,900.

These prize moneys recognize excellence and support the participation of mixed doubles tennis throughout the tournament.

Australian Open 2024 Singles Qualifier

Here’s how the qualifying tournament prize money breaks down for men and women:

Round 32: $65,000.

Round 64: $44,100.

Round 128: $31,250.

The tournament’s prize fund, especially in singles, reaches impressive amounts, demonstrating a progressive strategy to encourage the participation of the best players. This increase in prize money at various stages of the competition demonstrates the focus on developing tennis and the support of players at all levels.

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