Djokovic and waterdrop® served sustainable hydration with an all day long tennis activation in NYC’s Times Square and a refreshing waterdrop® “hydration station”, offering a variety of delicious Microdrink beverages. Consumers were encouraged to play a game on the court and given the opportunity to recycle their plastic bottles and make the sustainable swap for a free waterdrop® water bottle.

Novak Djokovic had this to say on joining waterdrop®: “Becoming an athlete doesn’t just rely on talent and training, but also on the choices you make for your body. A healthy lifestyle includes proper hydration with no concessions on environmental impact. I believe that by working together, we can make a real difference and get rid of [plastic bottles].”

In tandem with the brand’s activation in New York’s Times Square, waterdrop® has recently earned the reputable titles of Official Hydration Partner and Gold Partner of the 2023 ATP Tour. These strategic partnerships solidify waterdrop® as a trailblazer in sustainable hydration within the realm of sports, both on and off the court. The collaborations bring forth ingenious on-court hydration benches, specialized hydration products for players and staff, and active involvement with the ATP’s medical team, highlighting waterdrop®’s dedication to holistic wellness.

About waterdrop®:

waterdrop® is a fast-growing hydration brand based in Vienna, Austria, disrupting the beverage industry with its innovative waterdrop® Microdrink and global hydration platform. The company’s mission is to encourage people to drink more water in a sustainable way, with its sugar-free, flavored cubes dissolving in water to enrich it with natural fruit & plant extracts and valuable vitamins. waterdrop® is significantly reducing plastic use and CO2 emissions, thanks to its individual recyclable packaging for each cube. The company also partners with Plastic Bank, pledging to collect one plastic bottle for every 12-pack sold. waterdrop® has grown to have more than 2 million online customers and over 300 employees, with product listings in over 20,000 retail outlets and more than 40 waterdrop® stores worldwide. For more information, visit

Video of the event with Djokovic can be seen below.



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