Tennis Wagering Markets: Exploring the Variety of Wagers Available for Tennis Matches

published: May, 17, 2023

by: TC Staff

Tennis is a widely beloved sport that has captured the attention of fans around the world. Its popularity stems from its thrilling gameplay, talented athletes, and rich history. When it comes to sports wagering, tennis holds a prominent position, ranking second only to soccer in terms of wagering activity.

The intense and unpredictable nature of tennis matches, with their nail-biting rallies and dramatic comebacks, make them perfect for both avid fans and wagerers seeking excitement. The global following of tennis, with major tournaments like Wimbledon, the French Open, and the US Open, ensures a steady stream of wagering opportunities for enthusiasts. With its fiercely competitive matches and the potential for lucrative outcomes, tennis has firmly established itself as a top choice for those who enjoy sports wagering. There are also a lot of games that will be interesting for tennis fans, here you can see the list of variants

What kinds of wagers on tennis in wagering

The most common types of wagers on tennis are:

  • Outcome. The most simple type. Here you choose: Win 1 or Win 2.
  • Totals. Several types are offered here: by games, by sets, on statistical data, and individually.
  • Handicap: also available for sets, games, and other indicators.
  • Tie-break: Wagering on whether there will be a tie-break.
  • Exact Score: the exact score must be guessed.
  • Four: Here wagers are placed on the outcome of a set, the number of rounds, and the exact score.
  • Combination variations: consists of several wagers.
  • On Statistics: a certain score must be guessed.
  • Long-term wagers: wagers are made for the long term.

Popular wagering markets

Next, let’s look at the most famous bookmakers:

  • “Fonbet” customers are offered wagers on even handicaps and totals. Excellent depth of coverage of statistics. The level of quotes is standard.
  • Winline: a stable and even line are offered. On the top lines, the commission level is reduced.
  • BetBoom and Melbet. Bookmakers work on a new platform. The tennis distribution of these bookmakers is completely the same. The odds are at an average level. For the top tournaments, the margin is 5%. If the competitions are not very prestigious, the bookmaker charges a 7% commission.
  • BetBoom: This bookmaker is different in that it has no margin on the entire line of forwards and totals. If a wagerer wagers on an average-level match and not a very popular championship, the bookmaker will charge a 4% commission.
  • Leon: sometimes the bookmaker offers wagering with zero margins. However, the commission is still charged: 0.5%. The main line is at about 6%.

Before wagering on tennis, it is worth conducting a thorough analysis of the basic features of the sport:

Analyze all available information.

Make a thorough analysis of the rules of the game, as well as the competitors.

Many wagerers choose to wager on tennis for a number of reasons:

There is a high probability that the bookmaker’s office will make a mistake. Often experts make wrong decisions.

It is possible to make wagers almost every day. There are tournaments of the most different levels on a regular basis. It can be said that there are almost no breaks.

To make a wager, you only need to carefully study the statistics and the capabilities of at least one player. In order to predict the result, you only need to make a choice in favor of the most significant player and make an analysis of his performance.

There are no draws here. This is especially interesting for those who use “corridors” and “forks”.

 Wagerers developed and used a variety of strategies for wagering on tennis. By applying these strategies in action, the player has a higher chance of winning against the bookie.

Most Canadian online casinos offer not only wagering entertainment but also wagering as a bookmaker. Tennis wagering is also among the sports events offered.

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