Djokovic vs Dimitrov overall H2H: Djokovic dominates this matchup 10-1. The lone Dimitrov victory was all the way back in 2013. While that match was in Madrid on clay, conditions at altitude make that particular event different from other clay court tournaments. These two excellent all-court players last met at the Australian Open this year, where Djokovic won in straight sets. Previously at Roland Garros in 2013, Djokovic also advanced in straights.

Setting the scene: Novak Djokovic plays his second match of the Italian Open after taking a month off with a slight elbow injury. Dimitrov is playing solidly again after reuniting with coach Dani Vallverdu. Djokovic is the number one player in the world, while Dimitrov is ranked #33. The Serbian has won 22 Grand Slams and is arguably the best tennis player in the history of the sport. Dimitrov has a playing style that is very similar to that of Roger Federer and was even dubbed “Baby Fed” early in his career, but Dimitrov hasn’t come close to Federer’s achievements. Not that there’s any shame in that. Dimitrov has developed into an excellent pro capable of making quarterfinal and semifinal runs at major tournaments.

As always, Betway will have great tennis odds throughout the 14 day event in Rome, Italy.

What the chatbot won’t tell you: There’s a big reason this isn’t a favorable matchup for Dimitrov. Grigor has one of the most beautiful one-handed backhands in all of professional tennis, but on clay, it’s a liability. Djokovic is one of the best in the world at targeting a player’s weakness with machine-like, lockdown ability. On clay, the ball can sail out of a one-handers preferred strike zone.

Prediction: Djokovic in 2 sets


  1. Absolutely love the Djokovic style of playing tennis. I love how he will hit the same shot over and over getting the other player to finally error.
    I enjoyed watching the Australian open.
    Djokovic worked hard for the prize. Seeing the love of his family when he climbed up into their player. Box was exceptionally touching. I hope he goes on to win many more slams, just breaking all records more than he already has.

  2. My son and I get together often to watch Novak Djokovic plays tennis. We love to sit and watch him. I just had to say that too. I commented before and there was a couple mistakes in punctuation. I just wanted to let that be known.


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