One of the prominent sports in New Jersey, United States, is table tennis. We can also say the same for all places nationwide since the game is considered the second most popular after football. Also, there are various opportunities available to fans of this game, including staking on matches to win real money.

Wagering on table tennis games is one of the most profitable sports wagering as there are different options for staking your money. You can find details about NJ tennis betting on, a reputable website that guides gamblers on responsible gambling. It is equally important to review information on selecting licensed sites and the types of wagers. This article features tips on how to make a profit from a table tennis game.

Best Tennis Wager Types To Choose

You must be aware of different wager options when gambling on a table tennis match. You must equally know that they don’t have the same risk values and payouts. Here are the most profitable ones you can consider:

  • Match Wager

As the name implies, this is placed on an expected winner for a particular match. It is different from a money line or outright wager, which is done for an entire tournament. In this type of wagering option, you can analyze players using different factors and predict who will win a match. What makes it profitable is when you take the risk of placing your wager on the player with a lesser chance but higher odds. However, you must exercise discretion when doing this.

  • Set Wagers

This is a type placed on a ping-pong match, but equally, put the set outcome into consideration. You won’t just predict the winner of the match but also who wins the sets that will be played. Since it is a double option, you have more odds and chances of winning huge profits. It is essential you carefully carry out your analysis before staking your money.

  • Over/Under Wagering

This staking option is one of the most popular ones due to its risk management ability. It allows you to predict the number of sets that will be played in the match. Usually, 2.5 is used as a benchmark for deciding your prediction. If you think the number of sets will be more than do, you will place over 2.5 wagers. If you assume it will be less than 3, you can stake on under 2.5.

  • Handicap

This is also another double-way option in table tennis. The handicap bets allow you to predict the number of sets the first player will win and the second person will lose. For instance, you can precisely say that the first player will win by 3 sets while the second player loses by 3. As such, when your forecast happens just as predicted, you win, otherwise, you lose.

Tips To Make Profitable Tennis Wager

There are a few tips to follow to make money while wagering on a tennis game. Here are they:

  • Go for the best odds 

Making a profit is all about taking calculated risks. The best odds are your surest way to hit the highest payout. Consider different sites and review the odds offered for available matches. Likewise, you can use handicaps and accumulating wagers to increase your odds and payout.

  • Take Arbitrage wagering if possible 

Arbitrage wagering is a style of wager that you do on all possible game outcomes. This means you get a winning, whatever the game’s result. This is a suitable option in ping-pong as there will always be a winner.

  • Follow experts predictions 

Sometimes, your best chance in tennis wagering is to follow experts’ predictions. Those guys understand the game enough and can make accurate analyses based on the information available to them, which you may not have. Join platforms where predictions and game forecasts are given to gamblers.

Final Words

Table tennis is an exciting game where you can get so much entertainment. Likewise, you can get massive money by staking on the game’s outcome. You need good information like the ones provided in this article.


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