Andy Murray was bounced from the 2023 Miami Open in the first round and now faces the daunting European clay season in need of a new strategy.

Murray lost to Dusan Lajovic 6-4, 7-5– close sets– but devoid of much offense on the Brit’s end. The loss was actually one of only a few straight-set matches Andy Murray has played in 2023. Seven of his contests have gone the distance. Grind and grit is what he knows, but it’s too much for a 35-year-old with a metal hip.

Why not go for broke early in these tournaments? Antithetical to his style, I think Murray should get aggressive in his first and second round matches and save the marathons for the later rounds, should he advance. What does he have to lose? The points will be shorter. And if he exits early, so what? Go home and rest up for the next try. Either win with short rallies or lose with little damage done.

Against Lajovic, who has a one-handed backhand, he might have attacked the backhand and approached. Throw flames.

Murray put 71% of first serves in the box. Bring that number down a few ticks. Go for more on first serve. Aim more for the lines. Run specific patterns tailored to the opponent, and repeat, repeat, repeat.

After the match, Murray said his year so far has been a grind. “A lot of the matches I played, because they’ve been very physical, you will improve certain aspects of your fitness by playing matches. Like I say, the matches I played, a lot of them have been pretty demanding.”

Forget the fitness and the physical in the early rounds, Andy. Go big, and if you go home, at least you go home fresher.


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