If you are a Canadian wagerer trying to get into tennis wagering, you should know that you are venturing into a dynamic space. While wagering on tennis is similar to other forms of sports wagering activities, there are a few distinct things every new punter must learn. This is because a wrong move may spell doom, but the right move can be a rewarding experience.

In this guide, we will provide some valuable recommendations to help every Canadian wagerer get a rewarding tennis wagering experience. It would be helpful to learn these tips before placing real money wagers at any of the sportsbooks that accept tennis bets in Canada. Listed below are some actionable tips that every tennis wagerer will find useful.

1. Court Style Effect

Before you decide to wager on tennis, consider the court style of the game you are about to wager on. This is because court style plays a role in how well a game turns out, and having a great understanding of this would help in your decision-making. Here are some of the court styles available:

Hard Courts: They are used for most tennis games and tournaments, and this is due to the assurance of balance they provide the players. Based on the material used, players can enjoy a medium to fast speed game and a combination of consistent play and sure bounces. The floor, which is made from concrete or asphalt, is usually solid and gives the player lots of confidence.

Clay Courts: Only a few players can survive on the clay court due to the surface tension and the fact that it’s one of the slowest court surfaces. This can pose a dilemma for inexperienced players on clay, who would have a hard time judging the bounce and speed of the ball. So, players with spin and control are usually the best wager here.

Grass Court: If you are thinking of a fast-paced game, then grass court would always come to the fore. This is why players with speed and agility succeed on this surface. So look out for players’ attributes on these surfaces before making your wager.

2. Understand the Rules

When wagering on tennis, understanding the rules plays a pivotal role in your decision-making. Since tennis is a game of two, you need to know that points are scored when a player can’t return a ball to the opponent, or their return ball falls out of the court. So when this goes on for a while, whoever has the most points wins.

So what’s the scoring system like? For tennis, most games use either of two scoring systems; the tiebreak scoring or the traditional scoring system. For the traditional scoring system, players are expected to beat each other to win four points, while tie breaks require a winner to be the first to get seven points. When you understand all the rules of the game, you will make better decisions and ultimately boost your chances of winning.

3. Player Form 

If you are to wager on a tennis game, you should ensure that you do your research on the form of the players you want to wager on. This is as important as the wager itself and could decide whether you win or not. A player’s form refers to the current overall performance of the player and how well they are expected to perform in upcoming games. So it would help if you looked into this and also the recent results of the player.

Check if the players you want to back have been in fine form or have been struggling. In most cases, the sportsbooks would always give the player with the poorest form the lesser odds, so that could be another pointer to look out for.

Head-to-head and the player’s style are other factors to consider. If they have been performing poorly against an opponent based on previous games, there’s a high chance they won’t win the next game. So the players’ form and overall physical and mental conditions are paramount.

4. Look for Value 

Your aim as a wagerer is to win, which is why value is an important part of your wagering process. Before you make a wager, take good time to look at the difference between the odds on offer from a bookmaker and the chance that the odds offered may happen.

Since everyone is out here to make money, focus more on the odds that have a higher chance of happening and weigh that against the amount of odds provided. If it’s not valuable, then you should look for other options. Also, comparing odds offered on a particular outcome with others is essential to your decision-making, as value is king.

5. Understand the Calendar

Every tennis wagerer should pay attention to the tennis season’s calendar. This is because it plays a role in how well you choose the best options and odds. Essentially, you need to understand that there are four major categories of events for each season; the Grand Slams, Master Series, the WTA, and ATP Tour.

These events are held in different countries and feature both male and female players. So as a bettor, you would always find betting options almost around the clock throughout the year. Historically, the Grand Slams provide more opportunities to bet on several matches since they are the most important events.


Tennis wagering can be a genuinely rewarding experience for new and experienced punters as long as you use the right tips. By understanding how the game works, paying attention to players’ forms, following the calendar, and choosing the right odds, you can make the best of tennis betting and reap bountiful rewards.


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