Sports wagering has always been a popular form of wagering. However, in the US, it has been restricted and illegal for the most part. All that changed in 2018 when the supreme court overturned the law prohibiting it.

Since then, the industry has exploded as more states have legalized wagers on sporting events. From football and basketball to every sport in between, gamblers now have access to sports wagering in all its glory.

One of the most loved sports to attract wagers is tennis. In 2021, over 22.62 million people in the US alone enjoyed the sport as a pastime. Aside from casual play, there are numerous tournaments throughout the year that players can put their money on.

The popularity of wagering on tennis stems not only from the fact that the sport is so popular. There are also some unique advantages that tennis wagering has over other sports.

Tennis Happens Throughout the Year 

One of the most apparent benefits of tennis wagering is that it is available all year round. Unlike other sports, like football and baseball, tennis is not confined to being played during a specific period or season.

While it is true that specific tournaments, such as the US Open, happen at particular times, plenty of other matches take place throughout the year. The continuous nature of the sport means that there are always wagering opportunities available to take advantage of.

More than this, if wagerers prefer only wagering on large tournaments instead of regular matches, there is no lack of these spread out either. The four most prominent of these are Wimbledon (July), the US Open (August to September), the Australian Open (January), and the French Open (May to June).

Tennis Offers the Ability to Place Live Wagers

First introduced in 2002, live wagering has grown in popularity worldwide. Rather than requiring people to lock in their wagerss during a wagering window before the sporting event has begun, live wagering allows wagers to be placed as the action happens.

However, even with the popularity of this type of wagering, few major sports accommodate it. In fact, the only significant sports that currently allow live wagers are soccer, basketball, football, and tennis.

Being able to place wagers on tennis as the match unfolds offers unique thrills and lets gamblers who are following a strategy make changes to their play in real time. Having this ability leads to more accurate wagers and more wagering action, and is reminiscent of live casino games with real dealers where the risk of the wager constantly evolves.

Tennis Is Easier to Make Informed Wagers On

Tennis is one of the most popular non-team sports. Because two people play it against each other instead of entire teams taking each other on, researching the possible outcome of a match is made significantly easier.

Rather than analyzing the statistics of multiple players individually and the team as a whole, tennis only requires researching the two competitors. The drastically reduced amount of research makes it easier to put players head-to-head in an attempt to determine who will be victorious.

More than this, tennis games (traditionally) aren’t influenced by external factors other sports deal with. Factors like playing on home turf and the fatigue that players might experience from traveling on a tight schedule aren’t usually an issue in this sport.

Discounting factors like this and knowing the statistics of each player makes placing accurate wagers easier. This will hopefully lead to more wins that are higher in value as people can place riskier wagers.

Tennis Has a More Straightforward Wagering Structure Than Other Sports 

Some sports have incredibly complex wagering options. From what minute in a game a score will be recorded to who the player that scores will be, these different wagers may confuse casual gamblers just seeking fun.

Conversely, tennis has simple wagers that even the most novice of gamblers can generally understand. Simple wagers include match wagers, which dictate who the overall winner of the game will be. Another simple wager is the handicap wager, which involves guessing how many sets a specific player will win or lose by.

Those who are more experienced in wagering or have a better grasp of how tennis works can place more complex wagers. These include double result wagers (sometimes called first set/match wagers) and over/under wagers (also called total game wagers).

The Results of a Tennis Match Can Change in an Instant

Sports like football and basketball generally have a predictable ending—barring any massive upset. This prediction is based on the possession of the ball during the game, the performance of the teams during the first portion of the match, and any injuries that may occur.

Tennis, however, varies massively in this regard. While a game may start in favor of one player, it is common for the game to change drastically as it nears the end and for the presumed underdog to come out on top.

The likelihood of a change in the game’s direction makes tennis a sport with some of the best mid-match comebacks. Not only does this make live wagering more exciting, but it also means that gamblers who may feel they’ve wager incorrectly can hold out hope until the game’s last moments.


Sports wagering is always an exciting endeavor. However, tennis takes this excitement to a new level with constant play, the ability to wager amid the action, and the possibility of some incredible comebacks.

So, while other sports are still worth wagering on, tennis is a fan favorite—and for a good reason. If you’re wondering which sport you should place a wager on, tennis is definitely worth considering.


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