Blackjack is a well-known game that has been around for a very long time. Many people think that this is modern entertainment, but this is not entirely true. Before the game appeared on online platforms such as Blackjackonline21ca, it went through a great path of changes and improvements. In this article, we will talk about this in more detail and find out what is the story behind this famous game.


The first countries where this game originated were India and China. This was around 900 BC. Therefore, the fact that this game has come a long way since getting on the online platform.

It is believed that the Chinese were the first inventors of different card games. They were engaged in shuffling paper money to get a combination. But the first wagering was recorded as early as 2300 BC, in same China. Another country that loved wagering was ancient Greece. There is an opinion that in those days such games were banned and illegal, but now everything has changed. You can play blackjack for free online without any problems.

Age of Enlightenment

The history of the creation of the game of Blackjack has many inaccuracies and discussions. Little is known about how the game developed until the 18th century. However, already in the 1700s, blackjack became popular in France. It was then called “twenty-one”. Therefore, France became the third country after China and Greece. It was there that this game aroused wide interest from wagering enthusiasts.

The development of blackjack in America 

In the United States, this game began to be played in the 19th century. That’s where the game gets its name. In the years 1850-1910 Blackjack was considered a legal game. Just like now, you can play blackjack online in Canada and not worry about safety or breaking the law.

But after the 1910s, everything changed. Such an occupation became a real crime, for which one could get a prison term. Therefore, the popularity of blackjack decreased, because people were simply afraid. Wagering became legal again in the 1931s. The era of the casino began, where blackjack was one of the main games. In our era, the situation has not changed much, because you can go to the site  Blackjackonline21ca and see that blackjack online is still one of the most popular games.

In 1978, wagering began to be actively played in other states, especially New Jersey. After that, by the end of the 20th century, blackjack was played even on riverboats.

If we talk about the modern type of online blackjack, it appeared only at the beginning of the 19th century. Prior to this, as mentioned earlier, the game was called “twenty-one”. And in the beginning, blackjack wasn’t that popular. The situation changed when, in order to attract more customers, casinos and wagering establishments began to pay cash rewards for special combinations. This is how the Black Jack combination appeared, which gave the name to the game.

At that time, players could receive huge payouts for this rare combination of ten times. During this period, Blackjack was considered to be a set of ace of spades and jack of spades. Just from one part of the combination, namely Black Jack the game was called.

Ascension Period

In the 1960s, players began to study the features of this game and try to apply different tactics and knowledge. Thus, an article was even written in the local press about the first attempt to apply mathematical calculations in this game. Then the famous journalist Roger Baldwin published an article that described the optimal strategies for the game. To win, people used different tricks and methods, namely calculators, probability theory, and mathematical statistics.

In truth, this was not the best strategy that could be actively used and that would lead you to victory. However, at that time, it was a good approach and the beginning of attempts to study and develop this game. If you now look at this article, then basically it consists of a large number of mathematical examples and calculations.

Development of strategies

After that, Professor Edward Thorpe continued to work on strategies. He improved on the basic strategy at that time and came up with the world’s first card counting technology. He even issued a special book, in which he described in detail all his observations and ways to win at the casino. This publication greatly frightened wagering establishments.

After that, casinos began to change the rules of the game to make it harder for players to win. This all has led to the point that people began to actively go out into the street and protest against that. This brought huge losses to wagering establishments. Therefore, the old rules were returned.

Another person who contributed to the development of the strategy was Julian Brown. He created computer code to simulate the game on a computer, and after that, he began to improve the basic strategy and techniques for counting cards.


Now you can easily play free blackjack on any device or visit a wagering establishment. The game has come a long way, with many changes and remarks before it became what it is now.

Blackjack is a simple card game that absolutely anyone can learn to play. The most important thing for success is desire. If you have never played it, then we advise you to start with blackjack play online. With a little practice and you will definitely succeed.


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