Novak Djokovic Invests + Named Ambassador In The Pioneer Of Hydration Smart-Tech, waterdrop

published: Jan, 19, 2023

by: TC Staff

Novak Djokovic aces hydration: invests in waterdrop® to shake up the beverage industry

New York, New York, 17th January 2023 – Novak Djokovic, one of the world’s most respected and accomplished tennis players, announced today that he has joined waterdrop® as an investor and ambassador.

Based in Vienna, waterdrop® has been shaking up the beverage industry since 2016, thanks to its waterdrop® Microdrink and global hydration platform. Determined to change the fundamentals of an obsolete ecosystem, waterdrop® and Novak Djokovic decided to raise their voices against unhealthy sugary drinks in plastic bottles.

This long-term partnership is set to highlight a new vision of the beverage industry and a new face of a committed generation of athletes. According to the Plastic Pollution Coalition, one million plastic bottles are purchased every minute around the world, and 91% of all plastic is not recycled.

“Becoming an athlete doesn’t just rely on talent and training, but also on the choices you make for your body. I had to unlock many different spheres of knowledge and apply them to my everyday life. A healthy lifestyle includes proper hydration with no concessions on environmental impact. I believe that by working together, we can make a real difference and get rid of all the plastic bottles on the tour,” says Novak Djokovic. “I make the decision to take responsibility for my choices as an athlete, as a public figure but also as a father, and to stop promoting the use of any of these pre-filled beverages.”

Previous to this announcement, the company has recently established itself as a reference in terms of sports hydration with the launch of the waterdrop® Microlyte category: a new hydration-boosting cube that contains five electrolytes and nine vitamins. Unlike traditional sports drinks, waterdrop® Microlyte is naturally flavored, includes no sugar or caffeine, and eliminates can and bottle waste with its dissolvable cube form.

Driven by these innovations, waterdrop® aims to create a group of authentic and inspiring leaders around the topic of hydration.

“We are beyond excited to have Novak Djokovic joining our team as an investor and ambassador. Novak is one of the greatest tennis players of all time and one of the most respected champions in the sports world. He’s an inspiration not only for me personally but for many generations. I met someone truly committed to the planet with deep knowledge about the importance of hydration. His dedication to healthy and sustainable living aligns perfectly with our mission. We are confident that with Novak Djokovic’s support, we can make a real impact and deeply shake (and change) the beverage industry,” states Martin Murray, CEO & Founder of waterdrop®.

The Austrian brand is already supporting the US tennis players Danielle Collins and Taylor Fritz, highlighting the importance of committed brand ambassadors as well as transforming ATP tournaments plastic-bottle-free with innovative hydration benches. Novak Djokovic, who has made a significant seven-digit investment will join waterdrop® in his role as investor and long-term global ambassador for the entire brand.

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